5 Bloggers That You NEED To Follow

Finding new bloggers to follow can be very overwhelming, with so many blogs out there, how do you know who to follow? Following too little leaves you with no blogposts to read and following too many clogs up your newsfeed so you don’t get a chance to see everyone’s posts. I have a solution! Today I am going to be sharing with you my five favourite bloggers. Five may seem like a small number but I have picked them carefully as to only share with you my very favourites. My whole aim is to give you potential new blogs to follow without overwhelming you so I felt five was a good amount.

All these gorgeous girls are my friends but I honestly love their blogs as much as I love them! I do also love many bigger bloggers as well but I chose to share these five as I feel that they are relatively small in the grand scheme of blogging but deserve SO much more recognition and SO many more followers .

Dainty Alice – Alice and myself did a collaboration which I will link here if you would like to check it out. Alice’s bubbly personality reflects through her blogposts and will brighten your day without a doubt. Aside from regularly posting, Alice also posts frequently on her twitter and instagram which is basically an extension of her blog. Her “SUCKS” series is amazing, so funny, take it with a pinch of salt and you’ll find it hilarious. I also really enjoy reading her “boyfriend writes a beauty blog” as they make me laugh out loud! Overall, I believe everybody needs a little bit of Alice in their life, wouldn’t it be great if we could all have a pocket sized one?


Lexi Life – Katy’s blog features lots of relatable blogposts like summer workout problems and pre-summer panics. Even though this a blogpost dedicated to bloggers I would just like to mention her youtube channel as I LOVE it! Katy vlogs her everyday life and her personality is so lush that it’s not surprising that her channel is doing really well. Also, look how stunning she is, goals right there. Katy also posts very frequently on snapchat, her story is so much fun to watch, her username is “lexilife95” and I definitely think you should add her!


Aimee Deleis –  Aimee is absolutely gorgeous, inside and out. Her blog is pretty new but SUCH a high standard! She is amazing at makeup and her flatlays are to be envious of. She has a sneak peak blogpost of one of the new Benefit brow products which is a personal favourite of mine and I also loved her NYX matte lip creams blogpost. Her instagram is also fab, so aesthetically pleasing, definitely worth a follow!


Lucy Writes – Lucy is such a lovely person, her blog is professional but down to earth. Her blogposts are practical and easy to read. My favourites have to be her favourite blogging tech and her lemon drizzle cake recipe. Lucy and I are planning a blog collaboration sometime in the near future so keep your eyes peeled for that. If you enjoy reading my blog then I think you would enjoy hers too as I feel our writing styles are very similar.

rWbGZLQAMusings and More – Emily posts once a week on a Sunday, I eagerly await all week and I am never disappointed. Her blog is a mashup of all things beauty, lifestyle and baking. Her adorable puppy Luna often features and I still “awwwww” out loud every time I see a photograph of her. My favourite blogpost of Emily’s has to be her experience of a Qblogger event but I do love her travel blogpost of a beach hut by the sea. Her instagram is also very attractive, it’s definitely one of my all time favourite instagram accounts!

This blogpost is different to anything I’ve ever done but I hope you have found it useful and found some amazing new bloggers to follow. I haven’t linked all of their social medias as it would take me all day, but if you click on their blog links, they all have links to their social medias on there.

Who are your favourite bloggers? I would love if you could leave your favourite bloggers down in the comments as I’m always looking for new people to follow. 

Ruby Red R0ses xoxo



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