Garnier Delicate Oat Haircare Range Review

I’ve always been a very low maintenance hair care kind of gal, always just buying what’s on offer in Superdrug or anything that promises volume as my long hair can often weigh me down. However.. over the past six months to a year, I have noticed that my scalp has become very itchy and flakes off. Dandruff was the first thing that sprung to mind but thankfully it turned out that I just have a dry scalp. My scalp gets really itchy, so I scratch it and then the skin flakes away. Gross, sorry if that is TMI!

For some reason, it never actually crossed my mind that it might be a good idea to switch up my shampoo and conditioner to target the problem. After hearing me moan about it on a few occasions, my Mama rang me one day whilst in Superdrug and asked if I wanted some dry scalp shampoo. I said yes please, not expecting much, however my other shampoo was running out so it was convenient timing.


My Mum had bought me the Garner ultimate blends delicate oat shampoo, conditioner and heat protection milk. Immediately I was excited to start using it as it contains oat milk and rice cream which I imagined would soothe my sore scalp tremendously. The shampoo and conditioner retail at £3.89 at Superdrug but I do believe my Mum picked these up whilst they were on offer. (They are currently buy 1 get one free at Superdrug)!!!


I honestly believe that after the first wash I noticed a different, instead of my scalp being itchy from the moment it was washed, it only got itchy as my hair got greasier. However, I do not believe in reviewing a product immediately as I want my reviews to be accurate and my opinion could alter as time progresses. I have been using these products continuously for about two/three months and I still love them as much as I did on the first wash!

The shampoo cleanses my hair without drying it out. I have naturally oily hair so I need a shampoo which throughly cleanses. The conditioner is very soothing, but not too rich as I can use it on my roots as well without it getting greasy straight away. The heat protection milk is my perfect product as it prevents heat damage whilst nourishing the hair and gives a gorgeous shine. It doesn’t make my hair greasy at all or weigh it down.


Overall I am incredibly impressed with this haircare range, I wish they had a more extensive range of products, a hair mask especially. If you suffer with dry hair or a dry scalp, I highly recommend trialling this as it has worked wonders for me.

What is your favourite hair care range/brand? Do you have any specific hair care problems that need to be targeted?

Ruby Red R0ses xoxo


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