Sunset Ombré Eye

When I think of summer evenings I image a picturesque sunset with shades of pink, orange and yellow. I took inspiration from this and created a sunset ombré eye which I think is really pretty but is infact actually very simple to achieve.


The initial idea of this look was spurred when I spotted these Barry M dazzle dusts in a beauty outlet for only £1.99 instead of the usual RRP of £4.99. You tend to find that beauty outlets are made up mostly of bright colours as people shy away from them and stick to nudes. This is great if you love colour like me as you get them cheaper than you would in the likes of Superdrug or Boots, who doesn’t love a good bargain! I paired this eye makeup with a simplistic nude glossy lip so to not take away from the star of the show, the sunset eye.


The quality of these pigments aren’t the best, I had to build up the eyeshadow three times to achieve a look I was happy with. Thankfully I had decided to do my eye makeup first – there was so much fallout as you can imagine from a loose pigment… The pink shade is definetly my favourite as it is matter than the other two shades and is more pigmented. The lightest shade, the yellow, is my least favourite. It is very glittery, it almost has chunks of glitter in and isn’t anywhere near as pigmented as the other two. It took me a long time to create this makeup look so it definitely isn’t an everyday look, however, on a special occasion where you can spend time on your makeup I would definetly recreate this. I can imagine myself wearing this to a summer barbeque as I love the attention being on the eyes not the lips as the food wears lipstick away so a bold lip is not a good idea!


I used the Makeup Revolution ultra blush palette in hot spice in the crease – the peachy shade and the medium toned pink.

I then packed each pigment onto the lid starting with the pink on the outer third of the eye. Followed by the orange on the centre third and the yellow on the inner third.

After that I repeated the process on the lower lash line creating an ombre from pink in the outer third to yellow in the inner third.

Next, I used a white eyeliner in the water line before applying the pigments again using the same process but on the waterline.

I can’t remember exactly what brushes I used for each stage but I will link my favourite eyeshadow brushes – Mac 217, Mac 224, Bobbi Brown eye shadow brush, Real Techniques detailer brush.


I paired this with Mac’s spice lipliner, velvet teddy and the Tanya Burr lipgloss in champagne toast.


The weather may not be all that great for June, but this eye makeup is sure to compensate for it. I love pairing a simple outfit with eye-catching makeup as I am definitely a beauty blogger not a fashion blogger!.

What makeup screams summer to you? Do you have a signature summer makeup look? Be sure to link any summer makeup posts down below!

Ruby Red R0ses xoxo


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