25 Things I Love About Summer

Hi guys, today’s post is inspired by the lovely weather outside currently as I’m writing this, however knowing British weather it will be snowing tomorrow.

  1. The smell of line dried clothes and bedding
  2. Picnics
  3. Evening walks
  4. The smell of fresh cut grass
  5. Tanned skin
  6. Cute lil skirts
  7. Barbecues
  8. Lighter mornings
  9. The bright colours of Summer flowers
  10. Sunlight naturally waking you up
  11. Bare feet in the sand
  12. Ice cold drinks
  13. Water fights!
  14. Ice lollies
  15. Transitioning from your winter duvet to your summer duvet
  16. Lighter evenings
  17. Sandals
  18. The feeling of the sun warming your back
  19. Sitting in the garden reading a book
  20. Being able to go outside without having to bundle up
  21. Playsuits
  22. More photographic opportunities
  23. Berry picking
  24. Swimming in the sea
  25. Beer gardens

Hope you enjoyed this little overview of my favourite things about summer, I feel like I’ve now cursed this beautiful weather and it’ll pour down tomorrow!

What is you favourite thing about Summer?

Ruby Red Roses xoxo


2 thoughts on “25 Things I Love About Summer

  1. I can’t wait for summer too, though the snow white in me will be moaning when I’m sunburnt! Walking the dogs is so much more pleasant with the nice scents and not being frozen to death. Lucy x

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