April Favourites; Short ‘n’ Snappy

Hi guys, first of all happy May, today I’m joining you with my April favourites even if they are a tad late – oopsie.


This month I have been loving the Ardell demi wispies with you may remember from my false eyelashes haul as they are simple yet stunning. I found rediscovered love for Mac soft and gentle this month, its a beautiful iridescent highlight that you can’t ever go overboard with! Spice lip liner by Mac featured in my February favourites but this month I have been loving the particular combination of Spice and the Makeup Revolution rose gold lipstick in chauffeur. It is a glossier (and much cheaper!) version of velvet teddy by Mac but the lipliner eliminates the problem that occurs with the longevity of creamier lipsticks. Lastly I’ve been loving Lush’s popcorn lip scrub, my lips have been awful this month and I’ve been using this as part of my evening skincare routine. The best part is it smells and tastes of freshly popped popcorn.


Left to right – soft and gentle, spice, chauffeur 



Porridge is probably my favourite breakfast of all times but it hasn’t always been. I never particularly liked the texture but after forcing myself to eat it for a few days I fell in love. My go-to breakfast is porridge oats made with milk then banana and honey on top. Carbs are my go to snack so when my Mum picked these Cadbury brunch bars up in Morrisons I knew I was going to love them as an afternoon pick me up.


I picked up a foam roller last month in TX Max after deciding enough was enough in regards to my tight and cramping muscles. Essentially it is a DIY sports massage as the raised parts are firm but flexible like a masseuses fingers. I have found this to work wonders on my calves after a run or cardio oriented gym session. I have also been using my fitness pal to track my calories and macros nearly every day this month. I use it mostly to make sure I’m staying under my daily maximum fat and sugar quantities.


Hope you enjoyed this concise round up of my monthly favourites, I haven’t been loving as many products as usual but I think that’s because my mind is focused on upcoming exams!

What has been your ultimate favourite of April?

Ruby Red Roses xoxo


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