My New Canon 700D; Test Shots

Hi guys, today’s post is very different from any post I have done before, Lily Pebble’s “24 hour” youtube video inspired me to create this post. Her video was a montage of lots of short clips of her visit to Soho House as she had just bought a new camera so wanted to test it out. If you didn’t already know, I bought the Canon 700D a few weeks ago and I’ve sure as hell been snapping away. I thought I would share with you all the random photographs I’ve been taking as I personally love photograph heavy posts rather than text heavy posts.

Most of these photos are of my dog as you can see, I just can’t help myself, she’s just too cute. There was some more photos I wanted to share with you all but I’m saving them for a designated post however I do hope you enjoyed this post!

Do you prefer text heavy or photograph heavy blogposts? Is photo quality important to you as a reader?

Ruby Red Roses xoxo


5 thoughts on “My New Canon 700D; Test Shots

    1. Hello there, I’m glad you’ve joined the dark side, haha joking its all fairy lights and candles over here!! I’ll keep that in mind, I’m a bit of a rambler so I try and balance it out with lots of photographs. Thank you so much, I’m glad to hear that, the camera is amazing but I’m not sure if people noticed the better quality compared to my old pictures!

      Ruby xoxo

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      1. It’s definitely not a dark blog! Haha but I know what you mean about rambling, I usually have to cut out about half of my writing before I post because of how much I ramble! You can clearly see the quality difference in your photos from your new camera , so much so that I’m looking into them myself! Xx


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