What To Do With Leftover Easter Eggs; 1 Minute Fudge

Hi guys, for today’s post I had an idea to create a recipe incorporating leftover Easter chocolate, I in fact bought my Easter chocolate from the reduced aisle as my gifted chocolate didn’t last past the bank holiday weekend! This is the simplest and quickest recipe for fudge you will ever find and it’s extremely likely you will already have these ingredients in your cupboard.

  • 1 (397g) tin of condensed milk
  • 240g milk chocolate
  • Leftover Easter chocolate 

Step 1) Line a baking tray with foil, make sure you leave some extra hanging over the edges to make lifting your fudge out the tray easier.

Step 2) Break your chocolate into chunks and put it in a microwave safe bowl with the condensed milk.

Step 3) Microwave on 30 second intervals, stirring between each interval, until chocolate is melted and combined with the condensed milk.

Step 4) Pour into your prepared tray.

Step 5) Top your fudge with your leftover Easter chocolate. I opted for a Lindt chocolate bunny broken up in shards with galaxy golden eggs cut up then sprinkled on top. I love how effective the golden eggs are, it looks like gold leaf to me, but a much cheaper and tastier alternative!

Step 6) Place in the fridge, ideally overnight, to make sure it is fully set.

Step 7) Cut up into chunks and enjoy!

This is such a rich and decedent fudge yet you wouldn’t believe how quick it is to make! After seeing this microwave fudge recipe who would dream of slaving over the stove for hours with a candy thermometer. 

What is your favourite Easter chocolate? Mine is definitely Cadbury’s creme eggs which you would know if you read my March favourites as I raved about them.

Ruby Red Roses xoxo


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