Hi guys! Today I thought I would do a little life hack post for you as we all benefit from them, don’t we? I recently started using this little trick that uses sellotape to keep your eyeshadow line clean, makes your eyeliner easier to do and look more precise. I used to never wear winged liner and this trick really built up my confidence to wear it, I now wear it every day and apply it freehand. If I can do winged liner, anybody can!
Step 1) Cut two small bits of sellotape and apply them from your lower lash line up to the end of your eyebrow. This is the perfect angle for the eyeliner to be to look professional and on point.

 Step 2) Once you’ve applied your eyeshadow if you’re wearing any, draw a line parallel to the sellotape from your upper lash line corner however far you want up to the brow.

Step 3) Draw the line from your inner corner out to the wing connecting the wing to the line smoothly.

Step 4) Peel away the sellotape and you’re left with a clean line of eyeshadow with your eyeliner matching up perfectly.

If you were wondering I’m using the L’Oreal so couture liner which I think is so good and super affordable. I find it works really well as it’s a felt tip style so is easy to hold and apply. 

Hope you enjoyed today’s post! Let me know if you’d like some more makeup hack blogposts in the future as I really enjoyed writing this. Leave me a comment if you have any little makeup tricks or hacks because I would love to know and I’m sure everybody else would too! 

Hi guys, todays blogpost is one I have been wanting to recreate for a long time but have never taken photos up to the standard I want them to be. Recently I got a tripod so can take photos like this, I hope you like my upgrade as hopefully it will allow me to take more clear photos. This is my three favourite Naked 1 eyeshadow looks, which I have recreated for you, they’re all super easy yet effective.
Look 1 – Golden Glitter
I simply applied half baked all over the lid with a Bobbi Brown eyeshadow brush then blended it out with a Mac 217. Next I applied smog with the more condensed side of the brush that you get with the palatte and blended it out again.
Look 2 – Pretty Pink
First of all I applied virgin on a Mac 214 brush all the way up to the brow bone then packed sin all over the lid using my Bobbi Brown eyeshadow brush then blended with my Mac 217. Next I added toasted to my crease using the condensed side of the Naked 1 brush then further blended. I applied hustle to my outer v and blended again before topping my lid up with sin.
Look 3 – Minimalistic Matte
Using my Mac 214 I took naked up to my brown bone then applied buck in the crease using the condensed side of the Naked 1 brush then blended with my Mac 217.

Hope you enjoyed this post! I enjoyed the whole process of making it so let me know if this post is up your street or not. Leave me a comment telling me your favourite shade in the naked 1 palette? See you very soon! 

Hi guys, for today’s post I thought I would gather together my favourite photos from my recent holiday to Tenerife and share them with you. I love blogposts where people share photos of their travel, pictures speak louder than words. With that.. Let us get started! 
Favourite destination for lunch with yummy fruit smoothies

Avocado with prawn, melon with serrano ham and garlic foccacia for lunch

Non alcoholic cocktail pre dinner

Eating dinner outside in an old car at Harley’s

Dinner at Harley’s with a million people taking photos of us in the car as it is such a novelty

Seafood paella for dinner on the beach front

Cheesy bacon potato skins in Tony Roma’s

Prawns “miami” with the most delicious garlic dip

Avocado on toast for breakfast pre beach

Sunset from the balcony

My go to beach hairstyle, super easy but effective and stylish

View of the other island at sunset 

View from a Chinese restaurant we dined at

Pretty lighting after dinner one night

Me with watermelon from a beach seller

Me slurping my smoothie which was a daily accurance  

My favourite beach hat from accessorise 

Cocktails in the Harley’s car

Rosé in the sun

Posh fresh orange juice
Hope you enjoyed this post guys! Let me know where and what you did if you went on holiday? Talk to you very soon.