MASSIVE Lush Haul; Bath Bombs and Bubble Bars

If you read my blog frequently you will probably have been able to gather that I’m obsessed with Lush. The release of Lush’s new summer range clashed perfectly with my trip to the Lush Spa in Edinburgh, eeeek! I’m not going to talk about my experience at the Lush spa in this blogpost as it definitely deserves it’s own but I am going to talk about all the products I picked up from their new range.
1) The experimenter – This was the most hyped about Oxford Street exclusive by far! It deserves to be with it’s amazing array of colours and unique shape. I think this is a great bath bomb to watch fizz away as it’s so colourful and fun. However I have heard reviews of the bath water turning a grey colour when all the colours mix so I’ll definitely be prepared for that.
2) Karma – This is a new formula product and I think the new karma is so much more pretty and quirky than the old one! This looks very sophisticated and purple is one of my favourite colours for a bath to be. It has mango butter and sweet orange oil mixed with pine oil and patchouli oil which gives a contrast of fruitiness with earthiness. 
3) Granny takes a dip – I had the original granny takes a dip before it got reformulated and I wasn’t very impressed. It didn’t smell of anything in particular and it didn’t do anything special to your bath. It has been reformulated into a bubble bar which will give it that wow factor as we all know that lush bubble bars produce a hell of a lot of bubbles!
4) Intergalactic – I’ve never has a peppermint bath bomb before but after smelling this I think I will really like it. The colour is all in the middle of the bath bomb so I think it will fizz in nice ribbons into the water. I’m very excited to try out this bath bomb as it is spoken very highly of and seems to be a winner for many people!
5) Pink Flamingo – My first impression of this bath bomb was that it was very pretty but also very expensive. I always stay away from bubble bars on sticks as I think they will be messy and if it falls off the stick into my bath it’s a lot of money for just one bath. However this day I was in a Lush induced giddy mood and bought it. I’m intrigued to try it out as it seems an amazing product beside the stick part. Who knows, I may be converted to bubble bars on sticks, who knows… Side note; this smells incredible, it smells of a really sweet sickly cocktail, mmmmm. 
6) Yoga Bomb – I love all the jazzy bath products but sometimes a plain one just fits your mood perfectly. This smells earthy like karma but is a much subtler scent and I love products that look plain on the outside but have a little bit of excitement on the inside! This will be perfect to relax the body as (unfortunately) exam season is creeping around the corner.
7) Skydancer – I didn’t even smell this product before popping it into my basket as I always get the charity bath bombs. May day was a favourite of mine! Even if I don’t like the bath bomb (practically impossible), it was for charity and if buying a bath bomb helps prevent an animal from becoming extinct then I’m all in. 
8) Milky Bath – Cleopatra was said to have bathed in milk and it known to make your skin really soft. I don’t really like milk so I really hope it doesn’t smell of it! It’s a new and fun idea for a bubble bar so I was up for trying it. 
9) Frozen – I never jumped on the frozen hype bandwagon but this bath bomb looked too cute to resist! It smells soooo good and it looks amazing when in the bath (thanks to JustJodes lush demo video).
After going on the Lush website to check the names and information about the bath products I realised I bought every single one of the new bath bombs and bubble bars, OOPS!! Overall I am very impressed with the aesthetics of the new range and now I have taken photos of the products I can get around to using them. Most likely I will be tweeting what I think of these bath products once I’ve used them so if you want to know what I think be sure to follow me @rubyredr0ses. 

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