Top 5 Skincare Summer Essentials; 3 of 3

This is part 3 of 3 in my summer essentials series and lets be honest, we haven’t really had a summer at all. I go on holiday in a couple of days (I will be on holiday when this goes up) so for me, these summer essentials are my holiday essentials.

Nivea after sun bronze tan prolonging lotion – I am planning to use this whilst on holiday as a moisturiser to help maintain my tan. I’m up for anything that claims to help you tan more as it’s something I really struggle with and I also use suncreams in the nivea bronze range. After sun is a no brainer for me as I believe in using products specifically as what they are intended for so I don’t feel my normal moisturiser is fit for the job.  
Kiehl’s ultra daily moisturiser SPF 50 – I’ve never got along with facial suncreams, they’ve always made me look like a giant grease ball and made me break out. Online this is raved about and the main point that was highlighted was how it wasn’t greasy at all. This is a splurge, trust me, I debated whether to get this for quite a while. However, I caved in and bought it because you only get one lot of skin, so it’s best to look after it while I’m young. 
Lush olive branch shower gel – I’ve never used a lush shower gel before as I’m quite loyal to the body shop shower gels as they’re so cheap yet amazing! However, I like how lush do mini bottles which is perfect for holidays, and if you don’t like it there’s not loads to use up. This isn’t really in fact a shower gel, it’s a shower oil, oil is amazing for your skin on holiday as it helps moisturise your skin which prolongs your tan. You can really tell that I want a good tan!
Sanctuary 4 day moisture body oil spray – I am not going to be taking this on holiday with me, but in fact, I’m going to use it when I get back from holiday to (again) maintain my tan. I’ve already tried this out and it is amazing! It smells incredible, feels incredible and gives you so much moisture.
Uvistat lipscreen SPF 50 – Lips sometimes get forgotten about on holiday but it is very important to use a SPF lip balm as your normal lip balm will cause them to essentially boil in the sun. Painful! I picked up this lip balm for three reasons. 1) It has SPF 50 which is as high as you can go so I know they’re super protected 2) It has five star UVA and UVB ratings which is the new important thing that your suncreams should be (don’t ask me why) 3) It’s transparent, the worst thing about SPF lip balm is often they go on white which is not a good look.
I hope you enjoyed this little series of blogposts, I certainly enjoyed writing them! Let me know if you did as I would love to do them again for a different topic. Have you or are you going away anywhere nice on holiday?

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