Top 5 Haircare Summer Essentials; 1 of 3

I’ve decided to create an instalment of three posts about my summer essentials. The first one is haircare, followed by foot care then lastly is skincare. My posts are often very long as I like to write, but I thought it would be cool to mix it up and do a few short, snappy posts as sometimes I feel like people might not be reading my whole post as it’s too long. With that, lets get started!
OGX lemon highlights shampoo – Recently I decided that it was time to mix up my shampoo/conditioner and tailor it bespecifically for my hair instead of just using universal products. This shampoo contains coconut oil to add shine, lemon citrus oil to enhance highlights and key lime extract to add a delicious scent. All these aspects work as they say and even after the first wash I noticed that my natural blonde highlights were blonder!

 OGX lemon highlights conditioner – When buying a new shampoo and conditioner, I always like to use both of the same kind, as I feel then you can tell better whether the product is beneficial for you or not. I’m not a fan of coconut in any form, but the subtle coconut scent mixed with the key lime scent is just blissful, it smells like a beach holiday in a bottle.

 Schwarzkopf got2b beach matt texturizing salt spray – This was the first hair styling product I ventured out and used as I always believed they didn’t do anything. I don’t know why because they most certainly do! This salt spray is amazing, I apply it to the roots of my hair to give it that oomph it would have if I had spent the day at the beach. The smell of this also reminds me of beachy hair and it replicates the look of hair that you would have if you had just walked off the beach.

John Freida sheer blonde go blonder controlled lightening spray – If you were to buy one product from this blogpost, I would 100% recommend this! Instead of splurging a lot of money on highlights, buy this spray (only £4 at boots at the moment), it honestly gives you so natural but prominent highlights. I use this when I go on holiday and apply it to my damp, clean hair before I blow-dry it. They say the more heat you add, the lighter it will go, but when I’ve used it in the past I just blow-dry it then let the sun be the source of heat.

Marilyn hair treatment – As I’ve grown older, I’ve come to terms with the fact that I need to put additional steps in place to look after my hair. A quick shampoo and conditioner followed by shoving it up in a bun just won’t suffice anymore. I’ve never ever used a hair mask before, but as my hair looks even more frayed and dry as time goes on, it was about time I bought one. As you probably know, I swear by lush products so I chose this blonde hair treatment from them.

All these products are suited to the hair colour I have, blonde, but even if you have a different colour hair you might be interested in the brand as the products I have tried are all amazing. These are my top 5 summer haircare essentials, what are yours?


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