Spring Favourites; June And July

The past couple of months have flown by, it feels like last week I was making New Year’s resolutions. Last month I didn’t do a monthly favourites so I thought I would combine my June and July favourites into one. As the past couple of months have flown by, my favourites didn’t really change from one month to the next.
Skin/Body Care
Mitchum deodorant – I picked this deodorant up at the end of June and I’ve been loving it as it simply does the job. I find spray deodorants set off my asthma so a solid deodorant is a good alternative and it works better in my opinion.
Lush eau roma water – This toner is my new can’t live without product, a week after buying the full size, I went back and bought the travel size version. I have combination skin and this toner suits my skin perfectly as it hydrates but still controls the oil. The lavender in the toner has worked really well to manage my red pigmentation which no other product has.
Pink grapefruit shower gel – It is no secret that I love the body shop shower gels, they’re so affordable, yet work so well. They are refreshing and lather up a lot which I like in a shower gel. The pink grapefruit scent is subtle but sweet which some mornings is exactly what I want.
Mango shower gel – This shower gel smells amazing! The body shop always have the perfect scents for their products. I love using this shower gel any time of the day but especially after a workout as it smells strongly so you feel super clean afterwards.
Pink grapefruit body puree – I’m defiantly into matchy matchy, can you tell? Matching products are my favourite especially when it means you’ll smell x2 of that scent or x5 depending on how many products you use in that range! I’ve never had a body “puree” before but I really like the consistency and it is very cooling. It’s perfect to whack on in the morning when you have no time to let a body lotion absorb.
Mango body whip – Aside from the name “body whip” being very appealing, the product itself is very good. I honestly don’t think I’ve come across a body shop product I don’t like. This is very luxurious and makes you feel like you’re pampering yourself but you don’t have to wait for ages for it to sink in like body butter.
Lush volcano foot mask – I’m absolutely hooked onto this product, I’m on my second tub already and my lush haul where I bought it was only a couple of weeks ago! This product makes my feet feel brand new and it’s amazing to keep my tootsies looking nice in summer.

L’Oreal Paris million lashes so couture mascara – I’ve been using this mascara every day for the past two months! It’s replaced my Mac extended play and Benefit roller lash mascara which is something I never thought I would say. I really like it because it’s so easy to apply and stays on all day without being waterproof which means it is fairly easy to remove.

Benefit porefessional – In a benefit gift set I got for Christmas, the porefessional was inside, but on first impressions I wasn’t very impressed. A couple of months ago I dug it out of my makeup collection to try and see if I could make it work for me. Now I absolutely love it, it minimises my pores on my nose and cheeks massively. I think the reason it works better for me now is because my skin has calmed down and it is less oily than it was.

All-in-one instablur universal – I didn’t realise until I sat down to write this post that I included two primers, three if you include the concealer primer! As the weather has got warmer, my makeup has had more of a tendency to melt off my face, therefore I have put measures in place to try and prevent this. The texture of this product is horrible! However the product is so good that I can look past the feel of it as I put it on my face.

Maybelline brow satin eyebrow pencil – This eyebrow pencil has changed my life! I am a victim of over plucking my eyebrows and this product just makes it easier to reverse this. Obviously I can’t reverse the over plucking but this product makes my brows look defined yet natural. Since using a proper brow product not just a brow gel, I feel like my whole makeup has looked better, eyebrows done correctly really do frame your face.

Benefit some kind of gorgeous – This “foundation faker” really intrigued me but after experimenting with it I discovered it was too dark for my skin colour and I didn’t like the consistency on my skin. A couple of youtubers have been raving about cream bronzers for the summer months so I decided to try and use this as one. It works amazing as a cream bronzer, it blends out so easily and leaves the skin with a natural summer glow.

Bourjois liner pinceau – Eyeliner was the bane of my life, I’d keep trying to make them even until they covered my whole eyelid. This eyeliner makes just lining my lash line to make my lashes look thicker so simple. Tanya Burr used this eyeliner in a video and it looked so easy that I decided to try to master liquid liner using this product. It is honestly super easy to use, like eyeliner for dummies (me)!

Barry M speedy quick dry in a heartbeat – I picked up a couple of Barry M quick dry nail polishes in a haul a while back and ever since I have been reaching for them every time I go to paint my nails. I’ve been particularly fond of this colour as it’s perfect for nails or toenails and it just goes perfectly with anything I wear.

Benefit stay don’t stray – As I said earlier, I’ve been loving primers in these hotter months (well they’re meant to be). This primer keeps my concealer on which no other product does which is defiantly an achievement!

Bold Metals 200 oval shadow – I originally used this brush as an eyeshadow blending brush, which worked, but I found it made a messy job as it blended the eyeshadow too much. Now I use this to blend in my concealer and it’s the best brush I have found for this job. It blends in so effortlessly and unlike every other brush I’ve tried, it doesn’t leave lines in your makeup.

Kate Moss Rimmel lipstick shade 3 – Especially in July, this was my go to lipstick as it went with every makeup look and could be applied so effortlessly. This lipstick is super moisturising, long lasting and such a perfect nude but not too nude that it looks like you have foundation on your lips.

Random Favourites

Flowers – Lately I’ve been getting into a regular routine of buying flowers for my room! A bunch of fresh flowers can really raise my mood and they just look so beautiful. I especially like pink/purple themed flowers as they compliment my bedding at the moment.


Headspace – Headspace is a meditation app that I have a membership for but you can actually get a free 10 session trial. Sometimes I can get quite stressed/anxious especially around exam time so this meditation app really helps to calm me down. The man’s voice is very therapeutic and I find the different packs really helpful to combat different obstacles life presents us with.
Nike pro classic sports bra – Nike sports bras are the only ones I own as I think they give such good support but also look funky too. I’m in love with the print on this and the material is so lightweight, all round winner for me.
Pomegranate and pineapple two wick candle – This candle smells how I would define summer in a scent. It’s fruity, sweet and simply delicious. Aside from the scent, this candle burns for ages and burns beautifully if that’s even possible. By that I mean it all melts down and no product is wasted up the sides.
What have been your spring favourites? Have you been loving any of the products I have or similar ones?

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