Holiday Clothes Timeline; 7 Outfits in 7 Nights

Aloha… Can you tell I’m feeling rather summer inspired by this blogpost? I was on holiday last week so that jet started my summer vibes. This is a collection of the nighttime outfits I wore whilst in Mexico which I thought I’d share with you to maybe give you inspiration to kickstart your summer wardrobe. Sorry if you notice a change in the photographs, my camera died and I forgot the charger so I had to put my SD card in somebody else’s camera! Everything I can find online that I was wearing will be linked up.
Flipflops were from Newlook

Black heeled sandals and clutch bag from newlook

Again, my topshop mom shorts

Blazer from newlook

Three quarter sleeved top and sandals from primark

Urban outfitters black bralette

Faux leather skirt from primark
Again, black heeled sandals from newlook
Kimono from apricot

Again, sandals from newlook

Topshop shorts

Again, top and sandals from primark

Miss selfridge shorts

What is your favourite outfit that I wore? And what’s your favourite shop to buy summer clothes in?


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