Love Tanya Baking; Cadbury’s Chocolate Cookies

I’m currently sitting with a cup of tea and a cookie whilst writing this blog post, yes you heard correctly they weren’t all devoured straight out of the oven or eaten raw as a mixture which I have a bad tendency to do.. These cookies are AMAZING, more like a cookie shaped rich cake than a traditional cookie but never the less delicious. I’ve been meaning to bake a recipe from Love Tanya for such a long time but just never got around to it; so on Friday night I made them as a treat for the start of the weekend. I made the exact cookie recipe but used two large bars of cadbury’s chocolate instead of white, milk, dark and daim bar chocolate as I don’t like white chocolate and just fancied milk chocolate in my cookies. I love baking as it is really calming and therapeutic and I would love to write more baking blog posts (if you want to see them!) as it’s a real hobby of mine. So lets get into it..

You will need: 
(what I used)
  • 200g butter 
  • 300g caster sugar
  • 1 large egg
  • 275g self-raising flour
  • 75g cocoa powder
  • 2 large bars of cadbury’s
(extra things Tanya used)
  • A little dash of milk (I didn’t use this as my mixture wasn’t too dry but if it had been I would have added this)
  • A large bar of white, milk and dark chocolate
  • 3 daim bars
First things first I preheated my oven to 200 degrees celsius or 180 degrees celsius for a fan oven. Then I prepared my three baking trays by lining them with greaseproof paper which just means that the cookies will slide off easily once cooked.

You can do this by hand or with an electric whisk but you need to beat your butter and sugar until smooth and creamy.

Next you need to whisk in your egg and dry ingredients until combined then fold in your chocolate chunks. If your mixture is looking too crumbly or dry, this would be the point where you add a small amount of milk to loosen it. I used my hands at this point to make the mixture stick together in one ball and to incorporate the chocolate chunks evenly. 

 Next I rolled the mixture into nine balls, the recipe stated that it makes ten but I didn’t want to have to cook the 10th one individually so made them all a little bit bigger. I spaced them far apart as when they spread out in the oven I don’t want them to merge together. 
Then cook your chocolate cookies (to be) for 11 minutes, Tanya says they look underdone but if you leave them in any longer they overcook and become hard. I completely agree that they look undercooked but they were actually perfect when I tasted one. It took me two loads to cook my cookies as I could only fit two trays in the oven at once, it was worth the wait!

 When your cookies are out of the oven they should have dropped significantly and look like muddy puddles in my opinion.
You now have to leave your cookies to cool for thirty minutes so they set and I found whilst hot they were very flimsy and definitely waiting for them to cool is a good idea. I know the temptation of wanting to eat them hot out of the oven is very strong but it’s worth the wait!

Now volia, here are the world’s most delicious cookies! This is definitely my favourite cookie recipe at the moment and I’m sure these beauties will be entering my stomach again very soon. Let me know if there’s anything you would like me to bake step by step as I really enjoyed taking photographs of the stages. I would love to know what you think of these cookies, if you’ve tried them out or any other recipes from Love Tanya then be sure to let me know! 


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