5 Things In My Bedroom; Candles, Cushion and a Chalkboard

One of the favourite things in my room has to be my sample jar by far. It contains all the freebies you get given when you buy products and I also put the one use face mask sleeves in here. The jar is from ikea so was as cheap as chips and there’s a real mixture of things inside from shampoos and conditioners to perfumes and I have a lot of eye creams in here! There was a lot more products in here but I gave my Mum quite a few so she can see if she likes any enough to buy as she is looking for some new products at the moment especially eye cream. If you have any good recommendations for anti-aging, dark circle and wrinkle combating eye creams I would love to know in the comments so I could pass your recommendations on! Went off on a bit of a tangent but I just think by storing them in this jar I will be more likely to reach for them to try instead of being in a draw, and it does look super cute.

On one of my bedside tables (from m&s if you were wondering), I have a stack of three things, the first is the Love Tanya book by Tanya Burr herself followed by Girl Online by Zoe Sugg topped off with a very cute diary from next which is gold and glittery saying “live life in glitter” which sounds SO much like a Louise (sprinkle of glitter) saying. The books are very different, one a fiction book and the other a autobiography, I absolutely loved them both and can’t wait for Girl Online 2 to come out in August! Can you notice the theme with the books? Both youtubers.. I think it’s so lovely to support them in their projects that they do outside of youtube and they both have an infectious writing style which means you can’t put the book down! The diary is very cute and I mainly just use it for display but occasionally I have written to do lists for the following day in it before which I find very helpful as I’m such a forgetful person. 
Well I basically love my bed, its my favourite thing in my bedroom and I love love love my bedding but I thought I would be a bit more specific and choose this cushion I got in the gift shop at Harry Potter world in Watford! Essentially this is a wine coloured purple cushion with a deep yellow trim and writing. I chose this cushion as all the other cushions were the houses in Hogwarts and this one was the most classy and the colours fitted in perfectly with my bedroom. The shape of this I love and it’s so soft, it feels like velvet, it’s one of those cushions you lie on and feel comfortable and doesn’t scratch your face. 
This is my chalk board which I got from a local village fair last September and the hanging ornament is actually a Christmas decoration from next but I love it all year round. The chalk board is pretty basic with three hooks, a ledge and a crystal look heart hanging in the cutout but what I love the most is what’s written on it. I change the quote depending on what my favourite quote is at different stages in time. Recently, well for a couple of months actually, this has been my favourite quote – “If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely” by Roald Dahl. I think this is SO true, we’re so caught up in a society where looks come before personality but honestly beauty is skin deep and I remind myself if I feel down about the way I look that that as long as I am kind and caring, I will always be beautiful. The ornament means a lot to me, I saw it in a shop when I was at a pretty low point in life and my Mum bought it for me and said “we believe”. She believed that I would feel happier and when you feel sad you think it’s gonna last forever and you will never be happy again. But you do, I feel so much happier than I did a few months ago, last year and a few years ago even. I’d go as far as to say that I’m the happiest I’ve ever been in my life, dealing with your problems head on and telling them you’re going to kick their ass is the first step, often the next step is telling somebody how you feel, somebody you trust. I’d love to do a post on finding happiness and ways to accomplish this, I need to write it down in my blog post ideas book before I forget! So essentially I think having a mascot whether that be a teddy or ornament like mine that you see every morning and every night really helps keep hope that one days things will get better. Wow.. this has got deep haha. 

This is a collection of items but as a general thing I really like my windowsill. It has flower tea lights from Urban Outfitters, a rose petal martini tin candle from Urban Outfitters, a hand tea light holder from a one of a kind shop called Raspberry Bizarre and a hanging lantern tea light holder from Centre Parcs! The flower tea lights came in a set of eight so I have four on one side and four on the other but I don’t light them as they would lose their detail and they’re far too pretty to burn. The rose petal martini candle smells amazing, I love this candle and I think they’ve stopped selling this scent which I’m really disappointed about. The packaging on the candles was so chic and classy but now they’ve changed the packaging and I’m not a massive fan.. This candle also seems to have such a long burning time which is great as it’s not a massive candle in the first place. The hand tea light holder has an almost granite appearance and I really like it as it reminds me in an abstract way to give and not always receive by the gesture of the palm. The lantern fits in nicely with my room and I just think it adds something different to my windowsill rather than all candles. I also love anything that free hangs like dream catchers etc so this is rather satisfying!

Items mentioned above – Ikea jar, my bedside tableGirl Online by Zoe Sugg, Love Tanya by Tanya Burr, the diary and the hanging ornament were part of the next Christmas shop so it has been discontinued, the Hogwarts cushion is unique to the harry potter gift shop and I can’t remember for the life of me the name of the stall selling the blackboard! Finally here’s a link to the urban outfitters candles as I can’t find the specific products I mentioned.


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