I’ve always been a very low maintenance hair care kind of gal, always just buying what’s on offer in Superdrug or anything that promises volume as my long hair can often weigh me down. However.. over the past six months to a year, I have noticed that my scalp has become very itchy and flakes off. Dandruff was the first thing that sprung to mind but thankfully it turned out that I just have a dry scalp. My scalp gets really itchy, so I scratch it and then the skin flakes away. Gross, sorry if that is TMI!

For some reason, it never actually crossed my mind that it might be a good idea to switch up my shampoo and conditioner to target the problem. After hearing me moan about it on a few occasions, my Mama rang me one day whilst in Superdrug and asked if I wanted some dry scalp shampoo. I said yes please, not expecting much, however my other shampoo was running out so it was convenient timing.


My Mum had bought me the Garner ultimate blends delicate oat shampoo, conditioner and heat protection milk. Immediately I was excited to start using it as it contains oat milk and rice cream which I imagined would soothe my sore scalp tremendously. The shampoo and conditioner retail at £3.89 at Superdrug but I do believe my Mum picked these up whilst they were on offer. (They are currently buy 1 get one free at Superdrug)!!!


I honestly believe that after the first wash I noticed a different, instead of my scalp being itchy from the moment it was washed, it only got itchy as my hair got greasier. However, I do not believe in reviewing a product immediately as I want my reviews to be accurate and my opinion could alter as time progresses. I have been using these products continuously for about two/three months and I still love them as much as I did on the first wash!

The shampoo cleanses my hair without drying it out. I have naturally oily hair so I need a shampoo which throughly cleanses. The conditioner is very soothing, but not too rich as I can use it on my roots as well without it getting greasy straight away. The heat protection milk is my perfect product as it prevents heat damage whilst nourishing the hair and gives a gorgeous shine. It doesn’t make my hair greasy at all or weigh it down.


Overall I am incredibly impressed with this haircare range, I wish they had a more extensive range of products, a hair mask especially. If you suffer with dry hair or a dry scalp, I highly recommend trialling this as it has worked wonders for me.

What is your favourite hair care range/brand? Do you have any specific hair care problems that need to be targeted?

Ruby Red R0ses xoxo

Before introducing today’s video, I thought I would give you a run down of my blogging schedule for the next 12 or so weeks over summer. This will change once I return back to education but I will inform you of my new schedule when the time comes.

In the meantime, I am going to be uploading blogposts on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. I will then be uploading videos to my youtube channel every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday – link here if  you haven’t already checked it out and subscribed ;).

Furthermore, there will be blogposts on all the days I upload a video as if you read my Afternoon Tea Come Along With Me blogpost you would know that I mentioned that their will be blogposts that feature extra information and pictures relating to the videos.

To create my purple halo eye, I used the Too Faced chocolate bar palette.


I used the shades white chocolate, milk chocolate, triple fudge, candied violet, amaretto and champagne truffle. 

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 23.39.27

The objective of a halo eye is to create the illusion of a more rounded eye.


You create this illusion by having darker shades in the inner and outer third of the eye and having a lighter shade in the centre third.


I massively believe that your Youtube channel reflects you as a person so the content you put out has to be true to you. Things may change in the future, but for now, I have decided I want to make short, creative videos that are almost like a piece of art. Don’t get me wrong, I love watching long, chatty videos, but at this present time, it is not what I want to create. When Youtube turns from a hobby into a job, Youtubers, subconsciously or not, tailer their content to their audience, but as I have a whopping total of 11 subscribers, I am purely making videos for the joy that fills me whilst creating them.

Are you a halo eye makeup or a winged eye makeup kind of gal/guy?

Ruby Red R0ses xoxo

When I think of summer evenings I image a picturesque sunset with shades of pink, orange and yellow. I took inspiration from this and created a sunset ombré eye which I think is really pretty but is infact actually very simple to achieve.


The initial idea of this look was spurred when I spotted these Barry M dazzle dusts in a beauty outlet for only £1.99 instead of the usual RRP of £4.99. You tend to find that beauty outlets are made up mostly of bright colours as people shy away from them and stick to nudes. This is great if you love colour like me as you get them cheaper than you would in the likes of Superdrug or Boots, who doesn’t love a good bargain! I paired this eye makeup with a simplistic nude glossy lip so to not take away from the star of the show, the sunset eye.


The quality of these pigments aren’t the best, I had to build up the eyeshadow three times to achieve a look I was happy with. Thankfully I had decided to do my eye makeup first – there was so much fallout as you can imagine from a loose pigment… The pink shade is definetly my favourite as it is matter than the other two shades and is more pigmented. The lightest shade, the yellow, is my least favourite. It is very glittery, it almost has chunks of glitter in and isn’t anywhere near as pigmented as the other two. It took me a long time to create this makeup look so it definitely isn’t an everyday look, however, on a special occasion where you can spend time on your makeup I would definetly recreate this. I can imagine myself wearing this to a summer barbeque as I love the attention being on the eyes not the lips as the food wears lipstick away so a bold lip is not a good idea!


I used the Makeup Revolution ultra blush palette in hot spice in the crease – the peachy shade and the medium toned pink.

I then packed each pigment onto the lid starting with the pink on the outer third of the eye. Followed by the orange on the centre third and the yellow on the inner third.

After that I repeated the process on the lower lash line creating an ombre from pink in the outer third to yellow in the inner third.

Next, I used a white eyeliner in the water line before applying the pigments again using the same process but on the waterline.

I can’t remember exactly what brushes I used for each stage but I will link my favourite eyeshadow brushes – Mac 217, Mac 224, Bobbi Brown eye shadow brush, Real Techniques detailer brush.


I paired this with Mac’s spice lipliner, velvet teddy and the Tanya Burr lipgloss in champagne toast.


The weather may not be all that great for June, but this eye makeup is sure to compensate for it. I love pairing a simple outfit with eye-catching makeup as I am definitely a beauty blogger not a fashion blogger!.

What makeup screams summer to you? Do you have a signature summer makeup look? Be sure to link any summer makeup posts down below!

Ruby Red R0ses xoxo

Yesterday marked an exciting day for me, I uploaded my first ever video to youtube… I’m so excited to create content that honestly excites me and that I love filming/editing.

You may have noticed I have been absent on my blog for the past few weeks, I have had exams and struggled to balance work with pleasure. However I am delighted to announce that my last exam was on Friday so my summer is officially now in full swing. You can expect to be inundated with blogposts and youtube videos from me as I am going to be dedicating a lot of time to both platforms this summer.

I have decided that I am going to post a blogpost every time I upload a video so you can see when I have uploaded and can easily click down below to watch the video without even having to leave my blogpost! As an added bonus for people that read my blog, I am going to include extra photographs that I may have taken when shooting the video, be sure to let me know if you like this touch or would prefer it to be without.

We went for afternoon tea to an absolutely stunning hall, the whole place was filled with chandeliers.


So much yummy food!


Passion fruit “boiled egg” mousses and chocolate dipped strawberries.


Mini lemon meringue tarts, Victoria sponge cake and chocolate fudge cake.


Plain and fruit scones with clotted cream and jam.


Coronation chicken wraps and salmon, cream cheese and cucumber bagels.


Ham and mustard finger sandwiches and egg mayonnaise sandwiches.


The lighting made it extremely hard to get a semi ok photograph!


My gorgeous Mama.


The hall was filled with beautiful antique furniture and wallpaper.


The weather may have been dull but the scenery certainly was not.


Celebrating my Mama’s 50th birthday. She doesn’t look 50, right?!


My beautiful Mama and I.


Mesmerising architecture…


More chandeliers, I told you the hall was filled with them!


More stunning architecture with climbing ivory.  


This is possibly my favourite shot from the day.


The pond was inundated with lily pads but I couldn’t see any frogs.


The building looks camouflaged into the grounds.


I really hope you enjoyed watching my first upload, I had so much fun filming it and playing around with the editing. If you did enjoy then please head on over to my youtube channel and like/subscribe because it would mean the absolute world to me and then I know if I should carry on creating this kind of content. If there is anything you would like to see from me on my youtube channel or on my blog then let me know in the comments section either of my blog or my latest video.

Do you have a youtube channel? If so, leave me your links down below so I can check them all out!

Ruby Red R0ses xoxo

Skincare is a real passion of mine, I may only be young but I believe if I take good care of my skin now, then it will reward me as it ages. My Mum and Grandma both have beautiful skin so I know that a lot of it is down to genetics however they do both still take very good care.

When Farfetch got in touch with me and asked if I wanted to participate in a competition where I simply share my skincare saviours; I leapt at the chance. Farfetch are a single company that sell a wide array of designer products, their website phrases it as “400 boutiques, 1 address”. They sell clothes, home and the newest addition is their beauty section. Their new beauty section includes the likes of Oskia, Sarah Chapman, Becca, Kevin Aucoin, This Works, Sunday Riley and By Terry.

Today I am going to be sharing with you my skincare routine for a morning, an evening and the extras I include on a pamper evening a couple of nights a week. I’ve been on the Farfetch website and made a  list of what skincare I might choose if I won the gift voucher so I’ll mention them as I go along.

Morning Skincare Routine


Step 1 – First of all I start off by cleansing my skin using the Simple kind to skin vital vitamin foaming cleanser to create a clean and fresh canvas for a new day. Many people say moisturiser is their necessity skincare product but for me it is cleanser as I have a lot of excess oil on the surface of my skin.

I take one pump and massage it into my skin throughly – especially around my nose, chin and forehead as this is where my skin produces the most oil and I want to minimise my chance of blocked pores/blackheads. I then soak a flannel in hot water and ring it out before gently removing the cleanser from my skin. Using a flannel is a great way to exfoliate if you have sensitive skin as it is very gentle. Next I splash my face with cold water to close my pores and prevent the products I apply next clogging my skin up which in turn causes spots. Lastly I pat my skin dry as patting locks moisture into your skin and your skin is precious so you need be gentle with it and not rough.

I’m eyeing up the Malin+goetz grapefruit face cleanser as I love fruity fresh scents in the morning to revitalise and wake up my skin. I like to use a deep cleansing product in the morning to take away 8+ hours of impurities and this cleanser has amino acid-based skincare agents in which does exactly this! It claims to purify and hydrate your skin at the same time which is perfect for me as I have combination skin and cleansers usually either don’t cleanse my skin properly or dry it out.


Final 2

Final 7

Final 9

Step 2 – Next I spritz my skin with the Lush eau roma water as an extra step in purifying my skin for the day. It contains lavender which soothes and hydrates the skin accompanied by rose water which reduces redness. I suffer with redness on my cheeks quite badly but I have found this to really help with the problem.

I just spritz it all over my face generously then gently pat it to make sure I achieve the full benefits of the product.

I can’t believe I’ve ran out of this massive bottle, I’ve reverted to using my travel size version so I would pick up the Ren Clarimatte Clarifying Toner if I won the gift voucher. It reduces the appearance of pores and oiliness whilst its antimicrobial action minimises future breakouts. It claims to be refreshing which makes me love the sound of it as like I previously said, I love refreshing products in the morning.

Final 10

Final 11

Step 3 – After that I apply my Kiehl’s ultra light daily moisturiser SPF 50 as SPF is so important even if you live in a country with little sunlight as SPF blocks out harmful UV rays and pollution. I love this moisturiser as it is oil free, doesn’t break me out and isn’t greasy like other sun creams.

 I rub this in all over my face and neck, being careful around my eyes as it stings like crazy if you get it in them, trust me!

I love my morning moisturiser and wouldn’t change it for the world however it doesn’t revitalise my tired, dull looking skin as much as I would like it to. For this reason I would love to try the Oskia get up and glow underneath my moisturiser as it has reflective pigments in, which when in contact with natural light, add lustre to tired skin.

Final 8

Final 3

Step 4 – Next I apply my Origins ginseng refreshing eye cream which contains caffeine from coffee bean, panax ginseng, magnolia extract and natural optic brighteners all to make you appear more awake. Many people can’t be bothered with eye creams as they are for the long term benefit not immediate effect but this eye cream really brightens your eyes the moment you apply it. It contains almost iridescent particles that makes your concealer apply like a dream on top and look less flat.

I take a small amount on my ring fingers then gently push the product into my under eyes, lid and brow bone.

This has completely ran out, as a result I haven’t been using it for a few days and I’ve noticed a massive difference in the appearance of my under eyes. As much as adore this eye cream I like trying out new products so I would love to get my hands on the Sunday Riley start over eye cream as I’ve heard such good things about Sunday Riley as a brand. It corrects puffy eyes and dark circles which I certainly suffer with in the morning, claims to make you look more rested and alert, who wouldn’t want that?

Final 12

Untitled ggg

Step 5 – Lastly I apply my Body Shop hemp lip protector as the hemp range is for very dry skin and my lips are notorious for being dry and chapped.

I just slather it on all over my lips and make sure to let it absorb before eating, drinking or applying lipstick.

The By Terry baume de rose nutri-couleur comes in lots of stunning shades but I would choose 6 toffee cream as it the closest shade to my lip colour. On a no makeup day it would add vital hydration with a bit of healthy colour to make me look a little bit more put together. They contain shea butter, rose wax and vitamin E to make your lips soft and kissable!

Final 4

Evening Skincare Routine


Step 1 – The Garnier skin naturals micellar cleansing water is such a hyped about beauty product but it is worth every single glowing review it has. At under £5 for a massive bottle, which lasts you months, you simply can’t go wrong. The cleansing agent acts like a magnet to attract makeup and dirt without the need for rubbing or rinsing.

I simply apply the micellar water to two cotton pads and hold them over my eyes to loosen the eye makeup before swiping outwards. I then just go over the eyes till most of the product is off before using one of the pads to remove my lipstick then the other pad to take off my skin makeup. If I was wearing particularly heavy eye makeup or eyeliner that day, I would use a cotton bud damped with the micellar water and gently rub that along my upper lash line to make sure all my eye makeup is off.

Untitled gUntitled gg

Step 2 – Next up is my Liz Earle cleanse and polish, this is my holy grail skincare product, I have been using it for well over a year now and love it just as much. Even though I’ve cleansed with the micellar water, I just like to use a cream cleanser as I feel it gets deeper and removes all the grime from the day.

I take one pump between my fingers and massage it until it becomes more of an oil consistency before massaging it throughly into my skin. Using a rung out muslin cloth, I remove the cleanser focusing especially on my t-zone and chin as that is where I am most likely to get spots if all my makeup or cleanser isn’t removed. I then splash my face with cold water and pat it dry like I do in the mornings.

Final eFinal eeFinal eeeFinal eeee

Step 3 – This step is exactly the same as in my morning skincare routine using the Lush eau roma water.

Again, I am eyeing up the Ren clarimatte clarifying toner to also use in my evening skincare routine as well as my morning skincare routine as lately my skin has been very oily.

Final eeeee

Final eeeeee.gif

Step 4 – I’m running so low on my Clinique dramatically different moisturising gel but I don’t think I am going to be repurchasing as even though I have oily skin, I get dry patches especially on my forehead and this just isn’t moisturising enough anymore.

As there is so little left, the pump doesn’t work any more so I have to scoop product out which is a bit of a faff if I’m honest. I just rub this all over into my skin and my neck.

I would love to incorporate a serum into my skincare routine as I currently don’t include one and feel like my skin could benefit massively from one. The Ren clearcalm 3 replenishing gel cream caught my interest as it combats the three cause of blemished skin – excess sebum, build up of dead skin cells and blemish causing bacteria. My skin isn’t great at the minute compared to usual as it is exam season and stress causes my skin to have a melt down and become a spot breeding ground. In terms of moisturiser, I would love to try the Malin+goetz vitamin e face moisturiser as it claims to effectively hydrate whilst ph balance the skin without blocking pores. That sounds perfect for my skin type as the vitamin e would combat my dry, flaky patches whilst being oil and residue free so won’t make my oiliness or spots worse.

Final eeeeeee

Final eeeeeeee

Step 5 – Next I take my Clinique all about eyes serum de-puffing eye massage which has a roller ball on the end which gives you a mini massage. Like I said earlier, eye creams can be tedious when you aren’t seeing instant results but I love this as it’s a soothing massage at the end of the day. It is very cooling and my eyes don’t ache the next morning like usual if I had been wearing eye makeup the previous day.

I roller this under my eyes, on my lid and under my brow bone and really go to town probably using way more product that I need to but it feels so darn good! I then just lightly tap the product in using my pinky fingers as like I said, I go to town so there’s often product sitting that hasn’t soaked in so I just give it a helping hand.

Final eeeeeeeee

Final eeeeeeeeee

Step 6 – After that I take my Lush popcorn lip scrub to remove any dead, flaky skin. Smooth lips are a must for me as I love liquid lipsticks but they look awful on dry lips!

I simply just take some on my index finger and give my lips a good scrubbing. Then the best bit, you lick it off and it tastes just like popcorn! Don’t worry, its completely safe to eat as the base of it is just caster sugar. I then just dust any last remaining grains off (or you could just do this if you aren’t a fan of licking it off).

Final eeeeeeeeeeeFinal eeeeeeeeeeeeFinal eeeeeeeeeeeee

Step 7 – Again I take my trusty Body Shop hemp lip protector as I currently haven’t found anything better and at £4 it is a bargain!

The same as last time, I just slather it all over my lips just before bed so it has time to work its magic all night.

Even though I really love this, I find due to the method of application, sometimes it can cause spots in the corner of my mouth from a build up of product. As it’s so soft, it’s easy to go overboard. The Queen Bee Lip Treatment by Lipstick Queen looks like it could be the solution to my problem as it contains honey so I know it will be super hydrating but the applicator is exactly like a lipstick so application will be much more precise. It also looks a much stiffer consistency so that means I would use less and build of product in the corner of my mouth would be no more.

Final eeeeeeeeeeeeee

Step 8 – Normally this step doesn’t occur every evening in my skincare routine, but over the past month I have been reaching for this very frequently as my skin has been breaking out. When I’m stressed, my skin takes the hit so I have been trying to take as good a possible care of it to try and prevent the blemishes.

I simply squeeze the tube onto my spots, don’t worry, the nozzle never actually touches my spots so I’m not spreading bacteria.

I have had this for a couple of years now as I bought it for a one off spot so I imagine it is out of date therefore I definitely need to get a new one. The Dr Sebagh breakout spot-on purifies and dries out spots which is exactly what you need when you have spots as they are often caused by pores blocked by oil.

Final eeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Pamper Evening Skincare Routine


Step 1 – Liz Earle is a skincare brand that just seems to work for my skin, all her products contain naturally active ingredients which are gentle and kind to your skin. First of all on a pamper evening I will start off by using the Liz Earle gentle face exfoliator. Even though my skin gets gently exfoliated every day, a couple of times a week I like to properly exfoliate to remove dead skin cells and facial tan if I have it on.

I take between 1/2 to 1 full pump, depending on the intensity of exfoliation desired, then massage it into my skin. I avoid my eye area as it extremely delicate and there is no reason to exfoliate there.

The Malin+goetz jojoba face scrub is from the same range as the evening moisturiser I like the look of and it also promises to hydrate whilst ph balance. Lately I have been suffering with very uneven skin texture so I’m always on the hunt for an exfoliator to help achieve smooth skin. In Malin+goetz’s range there is also resurfacing glycol pads which sound perfect for my main skin concern of uneven texture.

Untitled gggg

final p

Untitled ggggg

Step 2 – Next I use the Liz Earle deep cleansing mask as it claims to draw out impurities to leave skin balanced and calm which is exactly what my skin needs! I went a few months without using a face mask and noticed a massive deterioration in the quality of my skin so  I decided to try out a Liz Earle mask as I love the brand so much. Clay based masks are my favourite for when I’m particularly oily and this one lived up to my high expectations. The Lush face masks are also amazing yet really affordable – my two favourites are love lettuce and cupcake which are both designed for oily skin.

I squeeze a generous amount into the palm of my hand then use my fingertips to apply an even layer all over my face. I usually leave this on while I’m in the bath or for at least 10-15 minutes. After allowing the face mask to work it’s magic, I remove the it by using the sponge that comes in the kit.

The Chantecaille detox clay mask looks right up my street as it tightens pores and increases smoothness. Like I said, I love clay masks as I find they combat excess oiliness better than any other kind of mask. I regularly fake tan but have had to stop fake tanning my face as the product I use was breaking my skin out. The James Read Express Glow Face Mask is a face mask and fake tanner all in one, I think this is such an ingenious idea as it doesn’t make sense to put a fake tan that I put on my body onto my face as well. Whilst I am fake tanning I will feel like I am doing my skin a favour and the hydrating formula will prevent my facial tan looking dirty or dull.

final pp

final ppp

final pppppp

Step 3 – We’re all partial to tired, dull looking eyes and the product I reach for when my eyes look this way is the Liz Earle eyebright soothing eye lotion. It contains eyebright, witch hazel, aloe vera and cornflower to help tone, cool and refresh tired, puffy eyes.

I soak two cotton pads with the eyebright lotion then place them over my eyes. I push them down so the liquid absorbs into my skin around my eye then leave them there for 5-10 minutes.

I couldn’t not include these in my wish list as I’ve never seen anything like them and I’m a sucker for innovative ideas. The Anne Semolina eye express ice cubes are little sachets, they remind me of individual nutella portions for some bizarre reason!  You pop them in the freezer then put them on your eyes, allowing the product to soak in, ingenious if you ask me.

final pppp

final ppppp

My Top Tips For Healthy Clear Skin

Tip 1: Make sure you have regular no-makeup days to allow your skin time to breathe. Makeup clogs up your pores which can result in everybody’s worst nightmare, spots. Even if you just wear mascara, lipstick or eyebrows, skip the foundation and concealer at least once a week. Trust me, your skin will thank you.


Tip 2: Get outside in the fresh air! The air does wonders for your skin and will in-turn improve your skin by reducing stress levels.

finall 2

Tip 3: I’m going to sound like a nagging Mother but make sure you’re drinking enough water. Water makes your skin look plump and glowing, who doesn’t want that? Aside from being great for your skin, water also gives you more energy and stops headaches.


This has been one heck of a long blogpost so definitely let me know down below if you have made it to the end! I really hope this post has been informative and useful for you in some way, shape or form.

What are your skincare secrets?

Ruby Red R0ses xoxo

Ps. This post is not at all sponsored but I thought I would let you know that they have a 10% off code for your first order. When you click on a product to view more details, there is a unique discount code above where the product name and price is. I thought this could be really useful especially if you’re considering purchasing high end skincare or makeup elsewhere without a discount as 10% off equates to a good chunk of money off!