Tanya Burr is a youtuber and blogger, which I am sure many of you were already aware of, as she has over 3.5 million subscribers on her youtube channel. Youtube stars releasing cosmetic lines are a really love or hate topic, but personally I love it. Tanya released her original range in 2014, since then she has added many permanent and limited edition products to her range and has had a complete brand design makeover. The lip glosses I have are all in the original packaging, as I bought one of them way back when she first released them, whilst the rest I have bought from beauty outlets when they were taken out of stores to make way for the new packaging.


The lip glosses retail for £5.99. I feel as if this is quite expensive for a lipgloss when other brands in Superdrug like Makeup Revolution and MUA do good quality products for at least half the price. When a Youtuber releases cosmetics, I feel as if you are definitely paying for their name more than the quality of the product. For all my lipglosses aside chic, I paid 99p, which means I got 6 lip glosses for the price I originally paid for one. I cannot link most of the shades as they have been discontinued but I would highly recommend popping down to a beauty outlet near you and having a rummage around as you get a lot of bargains.


I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked these lip glosses considering it is a “celebrity” makeup brand! They are sticky which I rather like, I feel like this makes them stay on longer and they don’t smear all around your mouth. They smell like watermelons which is definitely a bonus and have a really opaque coverage. The applicator allows precision, whilst covering a large area of your lip, so it only takes a matter of seconds to apply.


Left to right – champagne toast, chic, just peachy, sparkling dewdrops, exotic island, enchanted forest and vampire kiss.


Champagne Toast – Nude almost clear with flecks of glitter in, nice for putting over any lipstick to make it glossy.


Chic – Nude pink, looks lovely by itself or on top of a nude lipstick.


Just Peachy – A peachy baby pink, quite hard to build up to be fully opaque, would suit very light skin tones.


Sparkling Dewdrops – Your lips but better colour, a medium pink with flecks of glitter in.


Exotic Island – A bright purple pink, a very bold colour, but perfect for summer.


Enchanted Forest – A classic berry purple, more sheer than the others but very buildable.


Vampire Kiss – A true red which is very opaque for a lipgloss.


I don’t own many lip glosses aside from these as I feel I have all bases covered, a red, a purple, a clear, pinks and nudes. Overall I really do like these lip glosses, but after paying 99p for them, I don’t think I could ever pay the full retail price.

Have you tried anything from Tanya Burr cosmetics? What is your opinion of Youtubers releasing cosmetics? 

Ruby Red R0ses xoxo

I love having a nosey into what other people have been buying, no wonder my wish list is never ending.. For some reason, I usually save up all the products I have been buying for one big haul, however it usually ends up being a whopper of a post. As I picked up some bits from Boots and Paperchase on Friday whilst shopping with my best friend, I thought I would share them with you, there isn’t too much so this means the post will be nice and concise.


I’ve been into Paperchase numerous times and always forgotten to pick up what I wanted. My online shopping basket has had the polka dot A6 mid year 2016/2017 diary, let’s squawk slim leather pencil case and black mesh flat pencil case (linked white version as black isn’t online) in for at least a month now. I never got around to purchasing them as I have a quarm with paying for postage, I will happily pay for products, but postage is a hell no! So when I spotted Paperchase on Friday, I went in and picked up my long-awaited stationary. The diary is compact so perfect to carry around in my bag without being too much of a burden. The pattern is very aesthetically pleasing and it has lots of handy pages like a conversation chart, yearly planner, exam timetable, school lesson timetable and a world time convertor. The banana leaf print is massive this season, I picked up this pencil case in preparation for September as I don’t think it will still be in store by then. It’s very small so I thought it would be perfect for just a pen, pencil and ruler to whip out in lessons. Then I bought the slightly larger pencil case to keep in my bag with equipment that I don’t need every lesson like glue, scissors and colouring pencils.

NYX is a brand I have heard a lot about but as it was not available in the UK into recently, I had never tried anything from them. The vivid bright eyeliners are a product that I have seen talked about a lot online so I picked two up in the shades sapphire and violet. They are both such beautiful colours and the formula is amazing. I usually dislike this kind of applicator for liquid liner but I have found it really easy to create the perfect wing with. I’ve insert a picture below of me wearing sapphire, on the left, I use tape to make sure the wing is crisp and the rest is a doddle. First off I was lusting over the Mac pigment in teal but it wasn’t the perfect mermaid shade I was looking for. Then I found the perfect shade in the form of an eyeliner but I wasn’t in the market for spending £16.50 just on one eyeliner. After that I went to NYX and very nearly bought the glitter in teal, but again, it just wasn’t the perfect shade. Finally I decided on the studio liquid liner extreme in aqua blue as it was the closest to the actual shade I was looking for. It is a very multifunctional product, as I will also use it like I would with a pigment, all over the lid. I was playing around with my new eyeliners when I got home after my little shopping trip and created a double wing using sapphire and aqua blue. I really like how it turned out and it’s going to be a component in an upcoming makeup look for my youtube channel.

Shopping is definitely one of my favourite things to do, there’s nothing a little bit of retail therapy can’t fix! Colourful eyeliner is such a fun concept for summer, especially as festival season is upon us.

Have you tried anything from NYX? Is there anything I really need to try?

Ruby Red R0ses xoxo

There isn’t much to be said about today’s video, it’s one of those that is more of a show not tell kind of thing. Nevertheless I hope you enjoy it, don’t forget to give it a thumbs up and subscribe if you did!

I’ve made an enslate for my videos with links and everything, not going to lie, I feel quite swanky right now 😉 if you have any video suggestions on what you would like to see then please do let me know!

What is your holy-grail product for covering spots?

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Finding new bloggers to follow can be very overwhelming, with so many blogs out there, how do you know who to follow? Following too little leaves you with no blogposts to read and following too many clogs up your newsfeed so you don’t get a chance to see everyone’s posts. I have a solution! Today I am going to be sharing with you my five favourite bloggers. Five may seem like a small number but I have picked them carefully as to only share with you my very favourites. My whole aim is to give you potential new blogs to follow without overwhelming you so I felt five was a good amount.

All these gorgeous girls are my friends but I honestly love their blogs as much as I love them! I do also love many bigger bloggers as well but I chose to share these five as I feel that they are relatively small in the grand scheme of blogging but deserve SO much more recognition and SO many more followers .

Dainty Alice – Alice and myself did a collaboration which I will link here if you would like to check it out. Alice’s bubbly personality reflects through her blogposts and will brighten your day without a doubt. Aside from regularly posting, Alice also posts frequently on her twitter and instagram which is basically an extension of her blog. Her “SUCKS” series is amazing, so funny, take it with a pinch of salt and you’ll find it hilarious. I also really enjoy reading her “boyfriend writes a beauty blog” as they make me laugh out loud! Overall, I believe everybody needs a little bit of Alice in their life, wouldn’t it be great if we could all have a pocket sized one?


Lexi Life – Katy’s blog features lots of relatable blogposts like summer workout problems and pre-summer panics. Even though this a blogpost dedicated to bloggers I would just like to mention her youtube channel as I LOVE it! Katy vlogs her everyday life and her personality is so lush that it’s not surprising that her channel is doing really well. Also, look how stunning she is, goals right there. Katy also posts very frequently on snapchat, her story is so much fun to watch, her username is “lexilife95” and I definitely think you should add her!


Aimee Deleis –  Aimee is absolutely gorgeous, inside and out. Her blog is pretty new but SUCH a high standard! She is amazing at makeup and her flatlays are to be envious of. She has a sneak peak blogpost of one of the new Benefit brow products which is a personal favourite of mine and I also loved her NYX matte lip creams blogpost. Her instagram is also fab, so aesthetically pleasing, definitely worth a follow!


Lucy Writes – Lucy is such a lovely person, her blog is professional but down to earth. Her blogposts are practical and easy to read. My favourites have to be her favourite blogging tech and her lemon drizzle cake recipe. Lucy and I are planning a blog collaboration sometime in the near future so keep your eyes peeled for that. If you enjoy reading my blog then I think you would enjoy hers too as I feel our writing styles are very similar.

rWbGZLQAMusings and More – Emily posts once a week on a Sunday, I eagerly await all week and I am never disappointed. Her blog is a mashup of all things beauty, lifestyle and baking. Her adorable puppy Luna often features and I still “awwwww” out loud every time I see a photograph of her. My favourite blogpost of Emily’s has to be her experience of a Qblogger event but I do love her travel blogpost of a beach hut by the sea. Her instagram is also very attractive, it’s definitely one of my all time favourite instagram accounts!

This blogpost is different to anything I’ve ever done but I hope you have found it useful and found some amazing new bloggers to follow. I haven’t linked all of their social medias as it would take me all day, but if you click on their blog links, they all have links to their social medias on there.

Who are your favourite bloggers? I would love if you could leave your favourite bloggers down in the comments as I’m always looking for new people to follow. 

Ruby Red R0ses xoxo

As promised in my Kylie lip kit swatches video, this blogpost is going to be an in-depth review of my lip kits and the whole experience involved. I did a poll on Twitter asking whether people would prefer a short swatch video or an in-depth review, a short swatch video had the most votes. However, only very marginally, so I decided to write an in-depth review over here on my blog for the people who want to read it and the people who just want to see them on the lips are happy too!

Give my video a watch if you want to see what they are like to apply and look like on the lips. While you’re there, don’t forget to like and subscribe!


How I Got 3 Kylie Lip Kits For Free!

I was lucky enough to not pay for a single one of these lip kits, I actually won all three of them, in two separate competitions. Call it crazy luck or my guardian angel knows when a girl needs a matte lip. The first competition I won was on a Kylie lip kit updates twitter page, you had to fill out a google form and then just retweet the tweet. I entered loads of these competitions because I was desperate to get my hands on one, but like many, I don’t have cash to just splash out on them. I never expected out of thousands of entries to actually ever win! I got a DM on twitter off the lovely girl saying I had been randomly generated as the winner and I could choose two Kylie lip kits of my choice. The restock was an hour after this, I chose poise K and 22 as they’re the two I had my eyes on the most, she put my shipping information in but her billing information. I honestly couldn’t believe my luck. And then… A few weeks later I was announced on Really Ree’s snapchat as the winner of her Kourt K giveaway!  This lip kit had already been purchased by her so she just sent it up to me and it actually arrived before the other two.


Order Process

Obviously I have not experienced the order process first hand but I am aware that they are a lot easier to get your hands on now as the initial demand for them has calmed down and they now stock more for the demand needed.


To make sure you get a Kylie lip kit;

  • Remove the “/password” from the end of the url
  • Be on the website before the restock page goes up
  • Have an account already set up
  • Make sure all your shipping & billing information match
  • Know what you want before the restock
  • Have your credit/credit card information beside you
  • Put them straight in your basket and just go go go
  • I have heard speculation that you are more likely to be successful on a mobile device


My order took about 3 weeks to come, I cannot understand how it takes this long yet Sephora, another America based brand, can arrive in 5 days. I tracked my parcel all the way and the main delay was at the Kylie Cosmetics end, she knows the demand for her products so should be able to supply it. I know compared to others that my parcel wasn’t delayed much at all, people have said to have waited 1/2 months for their lip kits, a bit ridiculous eh.


The Kylie lip kits retail for $29 which equates to roughly £21. For this price, you get a lipliner and a liquid lipstick. I do not believe that this is an extortionate price as in Mac you would pay £12.50 for a lipliner then £15 for a lipstick! You can only buy Kylie’s products on her website, Kylie Cosmetics, people often mass buy the products then sell them on websites like eBay and Depop for extortionate prices.

My problem with price is in relation to shipping costs. $15.95 for shipping, is she crackers?!! That is an extortionate amount for shipping, I feel as if she is taking advantage of people as she knows they will pay for her name. If you only bought one lip kit, you pay the same price as if you bought ten, I think this is completely illogical. There should either be a smaller shipping fee the less you buy or discounted shipping if you pay over a certain amount.

The biggest uproar about Kylie cosmetics aside from the colourpop scandal is that on top of that hefty shipping charge, people were getting customs charges as well. The most frustrating thing was that people was not receiving a customs charge while somebody might make three orders and get hit on all of them. I had to pay £16 customs fee on my two Kylie lip kits as they came directly to me. I wasn’t too bothered, two Kylie lip kits for £16 was how I looked at it, however if I had bought them myself I would be pretty annoyed at having to pay customs as well as the other costs. Using Sephora as an example again, they are American based and nobody gets charged customs, I feel if Kylie has cared more about her buyers she would have tried to prevent this.


I thought it was a nice touch that the parcels were decorated with the signature dripping lips. The original packaging had this on the outside, but due to parcels being stolen, the inside now features the design whilst the outside represents just a plain black box. I know that it is hit or miss whether you receive one of Kylie’s special message cards but I was so happy to get one! I just think they are a really nice touch and make the whole experience a bit more special.


The lip kit boxes are gorgeous, I love the strip of colour around the edges corresponding with the colour inside. Overall I think she has done really well with the packaging, I always chuck makeup packaging away but it is actually currently on display on my dressing table.


The packaging of the makeup is minimalistic but stylish, I like it a lot. You can see the colour in the tube as it is clear which I also like. The lipliner is just matte black packaging with a tip of colour at the end, the lipliner and liquid lipstick correspond as a set, which is what I believe makes it feel so special.




Posie K is a gorgeous dusky pink, it reminds me a lot of Mac mehr. This shade really suits me I think, I feel as if Koko K might have been too light for me as I’m not super pale anyway and do fake tan quite frequently. I knew that it would be this colour from looking at a lot of swatches but it does look purple on the box so keep this in mind as it is most certainly pink. The applicator makes applying the product so easy, it glides on and takes about 10 seconds to dry then you’re good to go.


Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 16.11.16

Again, 22 is a different shade to what it is on the box, I feel that the best way to describe it is as a rusty orange. On lip swatches I had looked at it looked much brighter, it also looks odd in my lip swatch, it looks very red which it isn’t. If you look at the swatch on my hand, I feel as if 22 is more true to itself on there. 22 is defiantly my favourite, I don’t own anything like it but I would describe it as a very “me” shade. The smell reminds me of a really sweet kids drink, a bit like strawberries and cream, I absolutely love the scent. Sometimes I go open one just to smell it, haha, how lame!


Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 16.14.08

I was so excited about Kourt K, a purple that will last whilst I eat and drink, yes please! The colour is a beautiful vampire purple which I feel would suit lighter and darker skin tones. I was very disappointed with Kourt K, as you can see from my lip swatch, it applies very patchy. I can make this work if I use the lipliner all over the lip and clean it up with concealer but it takes me a very long time to get it to a point where I would leave the house in it.


Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 16.15.48


When I first tried the lipliners, I was like YASSSSSS, so creamy and made the liquid lipsticks easier to use as it’s just like colouring in between the lines. They colour match the liquid lipsticks perfectly but you can apply pressure to the lip line to intensify the colour for more of an ombré lip. However, they are a pain in the ass to sharpen, as you would have seen in my video, they snap SO easily as the packaging is plastic and the product is so creamy. If I had bought these myself, I feel as if I would have been ripped off as even though you are paying for Kylie’s name, you expect the products to be of a decent quality.

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 16.10.44

The liquid lipsticks have me split down the middle.. I honestly think the formula of posie k and 22 is my favourite formula of lip product ever! They are industrial strength, especially posie k, even my micellar water struggles to remove it. They last whilst eating and drinking without any signs of wear, I’ve never used a product with such longevity before. On the contrary, kourt k is patchy and if you try and build it up, goes claggy. I believe it is a manufacturing fault as kourt k was released separately to the rest.

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 16.13.23

 I’m wrapping this blogpost up now, I feel as if I’ve covered a wide range of topics concerning the Kylie lip kits, I’m conscious I don’t want this to be too long and to bore you all. If you have any questions that you don’t feel I’ve covered then feel free to ask me down in the comments or drop me a message on any of my social medias (rubyredr0ses), I always reply to every comment and I’d be happy to help in any way I can.

Have you got any Kylie lip kits? Have you jumped on the hype? Whats shade/s do you have or are eyeing up?

Ruby Red R0ses xoxo