When I purchased the Liz Earle cleanse and polish, there was a promotion on where if you bought the 100ml pump for £14, you got two muslin cloths and a Liz Earle eyebright soothing eye lotion included free of charge. It was a very clever marketing technique as a friend who I was shopping with and I both bought it! The first thing the women on the Liz Earle counter told me was that it has won numerous awards, I hear that a lot and didn’t think too highly of that achievement but after using the product I 100% understand why. The packaging of this product in my opinion is amazing, I love the pump and how one full pump is the perfect amount, for this reason I don’t like the idea of the 200ml tube as you would have a tendency to use more than you need. It would be perfect if they made a 200ml pump! This product has rosemary, chamomile, cocoa butter and eucalyptus essential oils and this smells to me like a spa, it smells unbelievably good, I think thats why it feels like a pleasure taking my makeup in the evening when it can often be a chore. Once you have a pump in your hand, you’re meant to massage it between your palms until its warm then massage it into your face. It’s like a cleansing butter almost but not as thick but feels so luxurious. This breaks down all your makeup (including eye makeup) and gives you really bad panda eyes but once you’ve washed your face in circular motions with a hot muslin cloth, it’s gone without a trace. I most likely wouldn’t have bought the muslin cloths if they hadn’t been in the offer but I genuinely don’t think the product can reach its full potential without using these. You get two muslin cloths in a pack and they say you can use one of them twice until you have to wash it so they would last you two days if you used them morning and night. I personally only use this product in the evening to take my makeup off as I like a lighter, more refreshing cleanser in the morning.

Summer is creeping up on us and with tanned skin and long hot days, I never want to wear much makeup but the makeup that I do wear I want to last the whole day. I went to a beauty outlet recently and picked up these gorgeous beauty products screaming out summer time.

This is a repurchase for me, if I repurchase something I know it must be good. The lumi magique is a concealer but is perfect for highlighting. I use it to highlight my cheekbones and I really notice a difference in the prominence of them if I have used it compared to when I haven’t. I use this after foundation and concealer but before powder and bronzer. I draw a line under my cheekbone from where my dimples are to the top of my cheekbone and blend it out like I would with concealer. I use the shade dark as I’ve never seen other shades available in the beauty outlet and I have fair skin but find the dark shade works well for me. In the beauty outlet, I think this was £3 off the rpp which is almost a third of the price!

Not long ago I picked up the popular on and on bronze colour tattoo and instantly fell in love with it. I not only loved the colour but the formula, it was so long lasting that I knew I needed to pick up another shade. Mauva crush is a beautiful sky blue with silver shimmer running through it. It applies beautiful and sweeps over the lid with no effort at all. Once blended out it looks like a lot of effort has been put into your eye makeup when in fact there was very little effort at all! This was half the price of the rrp which I thought was amazing considering it is exactly the same product as I would buy on the highstreet. I’m really loving the maybelline colour tattoos and I would definitely like to pick up a pink or purple shade for summer months. A makeup bag staple in my opinion, especially for travelling as they are so easy!
My go to bronzer is the classic sunkissed rimmel bronzer so when I saw this it was a no brainer purchase for me. I’ve never strayed away from my rimmel bronzer so was excited to try out something new! I thought this would be perfect with a tan on holiday for the evenings where you still don’t want to wear much makeup but would still like a touch of glamour. The gold shimmer would pick up a tan amazingly and could make simple makeup look a little bit more dressed up for the evening. This applies beautifully just like my other rimmel bronzer, the formula is perfect just leaving you looking sun kissed but not over done. I’ve never seen this before but maybe that is because when I’m at the rimmel stand, I’m never looking for bronzers but in the beauty outlet I think this had £2 off the rrp. 
These are swatches of all the above items – left to right – LOreal lumi magique concealer, Maybelline colour tattoos (mauve crush isn’t on boots or superdrug website so it might have been discontinued but here is the link to a online shop which seems to be the only one selling it), Rimmel sunshimmer bronzer (again this product isn’t on boots or superdrug website but I have linked to an online store which also seems to be one of the only ones selling it!)

Lastly I picked up two essie nail polishes, one is a chip free top coat and the other is a beautiful grey toned purple called warm and toasty turtleneck. I think the top coat gives a wonderful shine to your overall nail and is the perfect consistency of being runny but not watery. Thick top coats are harder to apply, they often smudge the wet nail polish underneath and you have the tendency to paint on a thick layer when you only need a really thin one. Warm and toasty turtle neck I thought would be perfect for the transition into spring as its light and floral but not a in your face bright colour like coral or yellow. You cannot buy this colour direct from essie but debenhams do sell warm and toasty turtleneck and essie do sell the topcoat at boots called no chips ahead.

Here’s a link to the full range of;
Maybelline colour tattoos
Essie nail polishes

I’m a massive fan of the body shop, I love their products and I think their prices are fairly well priced. The formula of all the products I have tried from the body shop all have worked well with my skin leaving it feeling how it says on the bottle. The products I’m mentioning are from a massive range of scents so if you don’t like the sound of the ones I mention, there’s sure to be at least one scent you like! I really do recommend checking out the body shop as they sell some great products, I actually pick a lot of my products from the body shop up from an outlet as I can save up to 40% which really does make a difference if you’re buying a few products.

The first product I’m going to talk about is the first step in your shower routine; exfoliating. Exfoliating is an important step in your shower routine and it’s recommended to incorporate it into your routine 2-3 times a week. Exfoliating gets rid of dead skin cells and can clean out the pores, just make sure you don’t use it too abrasively as it could cause irritation to your skin. The product that I picked up from the body shop outlet recently was the brazil nut body exfoliator, I don’t think this product is available anymore as I tried to find a link to include and it’s not on the body shop website. This is most likely because it was from an outlet store and could have been an end of the line product. I will still talk about it because I’m sure the formula is the same for all the exfoliators and you never know, one day it might come back out! I sure do hope it does. This product is creamy but once you apply it to your wet skin, you feel like you’re really scrubbing away the badness away. I suffer with little red bumps on my arms and I feel that this product really helps with the problem, not inflating it. The best bit about this product definitely is the smell… It smells almost caramely like caramelised brazil nuts, it literally tastes good enough to eat.

Next is washing! Washing is important to prevent nasty smells from body odour and it also washes away any last traces of your exfoliator. I chose two body washes as they are both good for different things. First is the sweet lemon shower gel which is very refreshing which I find perfect for morning showers. The scent also lingers on me which I like as it gives me a kick start to my day. I also like to put this in my bath occasionally if I’m having a morning bath as the aroma really sets me up for the day and it creates amazing bubbles. Second is the coconut shower cream, I personally don’t like coconut scented things as I dislike coconut but this just smells rich and more of toasted almonds. Shower creams are good if you have particularly dry skin as they are very moisturising but light. I often use a shower cream in the morning after the gym as I can’t be bothered/don’t have time to moisturise and I will be moisturising after my evening shower anyway. I have never tried them in a bath but I imagine they would make it really creamy and afterwards your skin would feel silky soft. These products both come in various scents and I will definitely be picking up some more soon. Especially some fruity scents for the summer months as they will be so refreshing after a day in the sun.

The final step in your shower routine should be moisturising. You should moisturise every day to keep your skin from drying out and I find on a busy day, moisturising is just a little slot of me time. I chose two different kinds of moisturisers, a body lotion and a body butter. Body butters are thick and creamy and the passion fruit body butter from the body shop is so rich that your skin feels super soft. I’ve never used a body butter that leaves my skin feeling more nourished. I really like the packaging of all the body shop products but especially the body butter tubs, they are matte and I love the almost paint splat look of the product that it is scented with on the lid. Body lotions are still very hydrating to the skin but they are of a much runnier consistency and doesn’t leave your skin feeling as pampered as when you use a body butter but are good for everyday use. The sweet lemon whip body lotion is a perfect match for the sweet lemon body gel as the fresh lemon scents really stay on your skin for a long time. A little really does go a long way with the body lotion so I feel like it will last a long time compared to the body butter which takes a lot to moisturise your whole body so won’t last as long. This is why I use the lemon body lotion as an everyday item compared to the passion fruit body butter which is a indulgent product which I most often use after a bath. You could also use a body lotion and body butter in conjunction by using the body lotion all over the body then the body butter on elbows, knees and any other dry patches you have. Overall I would say the body shop do very good products in all different scents for all different skin types.

Only three of the products are listed on the body shop website so I will leave links to them and links to the categories of the products that aren’t listed, sorry!

I don’t think I can be the only one who when they feel a bit down can’t be cheered up by a little bit of retail therapy.. especially if it’s makeup ahh gee I feel so happy and warm inside thinking about what I’ve bought. I would love to hear your product recommendations so I can check them out, let me know in the comments.

I went to my home town this afternoon and visited superdrug and boots, they’re literally next door to each other but sell slightly different things like boots has No7 and Soap and Glory while superdrug doesn’t but it does have Barry M and all the youtuber merchandise. I also went to a one of a kind shop called blush. It’s one of those shops where there isn’t an inch of wall that doesn’t have quirky bits and bobs on. It’s almost overwhelming there’s so much stuff so I tend to look at something then think about it and go back if I would still like it.
So the first place I went was superdrug and the first item I picked up was the colour tattoo in on and on bronze. Honestly this colour, oh my, it’s dreamy and applies beautifully as it is a cream eyeshadow. EVERY beauty blogger talks about this so I thought that it was about time I picked it up and tested it for myself. This applies beautifully with your fingertip and you can really control how much colour build up you want. Then it just blends out so almost seam free and it isn’t too glittery so that you could wear it as a daytime look. In fact I think it is the perfect daytime eyeshadow which could also be spruced up for a night time look. Can I just say that this is the first product that I actually think deserves the title of long lasting, it literally tattoos your eyelids. I swatched this on my hand earlier and after it set (which was like 30 seconds!!) I had to scrub it off as it wouldn’t budge, I’m not complaining!
I saw beauty blogger Lily Pebbles talk about the colourband range of eye crayons by bourjois in her new products review but never set out to buy one.. Until I was in superdrug and swatched the colours and fell in love with every single one but swayed towards the purple one compared to the bronze one as I had already picked up the bronze colour tattoo. It’s called mauve baroque which I don’t particularly like as I think they could have chosen a prettier name as it’s such a pretty colour. However this colour is so pigmented and applies a lot like the colour tattoo but I do think it takes longer to build up colour with the crayon applicator. It’s a beautiful lilac colour which then builds up to a deep purple which I absolutely love! 

Tanya Burr’s range has been on my to buy list from the day they were launched, I eventually got around to picking up this gorgeous lipgloss in the shade chic. They have been raved about so much by Tanya herself, her fellow bloggers and the people buying her lip glosses. They’re very sticky which I love when they have applicators but I don’t like when I have to apply with my finger from a pot. They smell amazing and fruity like you could just eat them while coming in a range of gorgeous colours. I can’t think of any way to describe this lip gloss other than the way Tanya herself described this shade.. your lips but better.

I also picked up this gorgeous grey kind of purple shade of nail polish called penguin chic. I love the story behind this nail polish of how Tanya named it after her and Jim’s favourite animal. I think Tanya has brought out a wide spectrum of colours and I like all of them so if I  like the formula of this nail polish then I might have to invest in some more. I find that nail polish on my nails chip so easy and I’m not sure why so I would love some tips on how to prevent chipping if you have any. Let me know your favourite items from Tanya’s range so I can check them out as I would love to get more as I love supporting Tanya and her products are amazing with the cutest packaging!!

This eyeliner is from bourjois and there was a deal where if you bought one product from the brand, you got another half price so I decided to get this eyeliner as it is very similar to another brown eyeliner I was looking at buying. It has a retractable pencil and at the end there is a mini sharpener that you can pull out to use. This eyeliner is a real multifunctional eyeliner as it holds a defined, precise line while has the ability to be smudgeable. I wear a lot of neutral and brown shades so I think a brown eyeliner will compliment these shades possibly more than grey and black eyeliners.

These are the swatches of all the above items (apart from the nail polish but I’ll update you on my opinion) – top to bottom – Tanya Burr chic lipgloss, Bourjois mauve baroque eyeshadow and eyeliner crayon, Bourjois brown liner stylo, Maybelline on and on bronze colour tattoo.
In boots, I picked up the rimmel wake me up concealer in the shade ivory. I saw this product in superdrug but they didn’t have a tester for this shade and seeing as I’ve never used the product before I wanted to be sure it would suit my skin tone. This product is the holy grail of the beauty blogging world and seeing as school is getting more stressful I thought I need to prepare for my ever growing bags. This is a lovely creamy formula which blends in very nicely and doesn’t crease which is a problem I find with many concealers that are cakey. I’m not sure how long lasting this product is as I haven’t tried this product out over a full day but I’ll do a review in the future on whether I am joining the fangirl craze over it.

The last shop I went into was Blush, its a small shop on a street called Oldgate. I had my eye on this beautiful piece of homeware at the beginning of the year but decided to put off buying it until I had furnished my room a bit more. I love these silver mosaic tiles thickly boarding the glass container. The label states that this is a candle holder but I am actually using it as a makeup brush holder. I find that my makeup brushes are a bit too short for the tall cylinder but I put material in the bottom to give the brushes a platform. I think I will put sand, beads or pebbles in instead to give an edgy look to my dressing table but that’s another little project I’ve set for myself. I’d love to know if you have any cool or quirky ways that you store your makeup and makeup brushes? Let me know in the comments.

Products mentioned –
Rimmel wake me up concealer
Mosaic candle holder – This product is from a one of a kind shop without a website and the lovely woman in the shop told me that the suppliers are actually discontinuing the product so I’m really sorry but there’s no link to the product. You could always make a diy version and buy a glass cylinder and mosaic tiles and glue them on.

Currently this is my fourth day of being sick and I have a feeling it will run into the weekend. I’m lying on my sofa, sneezing every ten minutes and forcing two tablets down me four times a day. Ah how having tonsillitis sucks. I’ve had tonsillitis a fair few times but this time is definitely the worse and as your immune system is already low it makes getting common colds 100x easier. In this blog post I want to write about ways you can make yourself feel better and potentially aid yourself in getting better, these ways definitely help me so I hope they can help you as we all know this time of year is the worst for getting ill.

The first thing I would recommend doing would be airing off your bed. Just folding your duvet back and opening your window will make your bed feel fresh when you go back into it in the evening. Often when you’re ill you can get clammy in the night and airing off your bed will just mean when you go to bed later on it won’t feel sweaty. It also helps to a certain degree to get rid of the bacteria off your bed as you will be ridden with that while you’re ill. Once you feel reasonably well again it is such a good idea to wash all of your bedding, it kills the bacteria in a guaranteed way and will make you feel so much better not lying in a dirty bed.

When you’re ill it just makes you feel pretty down. To lift your mood reading or watching something whether that be on the tv or on a laptop can make you feel just that little bit better. My personal choice for today is Matilda and My Mad Fat Diary, I always find having a second choice very helpful as I can get bored ten minutes in when I’m ill and having another option means that I can just switch over and enjoy something else. Matilda is a book by Roahl Dahl that was made into a movie and honestly, it is one of my favourite movies. It’s about a young girl who is raised in a family where she is different to all of them, they all love TV and she would rather be engrossed in a book. Her Dad is a conman selling faulty cars for unfair prices, her mum is always at the bingo and her brother Michael will take over his Dad’s business one day. They act like she doesn’t exist and she turns into a very self sufficient young girl. She longs to go to school and one day her Dad enrols her into Crunchem Hall with the scary head teacher Agatha Trunchbull. The film has humour, climax points and lovely characters like Miss Honey! I would definitely recommend watching it. My Mad Fat Diary is again a book first that was then made into a tv series, there is 3 series which follows the life of Rae Earl. The first episode shows Rae leaving the mental hospital she has been resident at. The tv series shows struggles like missing aspects of the mental hospital like friends and the protection from the real world, her self confidence and hating the way she looks, struggles with family and friends (especially her Mum and her illegal immigrant boyfriend) and of course… boys! I honestly love this tv series and have watched it all the way through twice, a must see if you’re into reality kind of shows.

Linking in with feeling down and sad when you’re ill I chose to include my book that I read when I don’t feel great. It’s called “Whatever you are, Be a good one” and can I just say how much I love this title/saying. It’s by a very talented woman called Lisa Congdon and it’s a book filled with hand lettered quotes and that’s all I can really say but they’re so beautiful and inspirational and make happiness fill my mind.

This might seem like I’m stating the obvious but so many people slack off when they’re feeling ill, I’ve done it too! Always have tissues by you if you have a runny nose, sniffling it back down will honestly make you so much worse and it will lie on your chest until you cough it up, ew nasty I know. Lastly, always dispose of tissues as soon as you’ve used them as they are carrying all your germs and you can’t get better with your germs hovering around you and it could also infect other people. Cough sweets are actually very effective and my favourite are soothers blackcurrent ones, I ran out unfortunately. When you’re constantly blowing your nose and they just generally dry out when you’re ill, your lips can get rather sore. Applying lip balm regular can prevent the extra pain of chapped lips, I use soul sunday, positive seeds lip balm which is like a giant fat chapstick in the flavour rose vanilla, its 100% natural and is so good with only 5 ingredients and none of the nasty additives you commonly find in big brands lip balms. It really nourishes your lips leaving them feeling super creamy.

Eating well and nourishing your
body when you’re ill is so important. I drink smoothies on a daily basis but when I’m unwell I really can’t be bothered to get my blender out and make one. I find the naked smoothies to be a great pre made alternative when I want a fresh smoothie to start my day off with but without all the nasty additives often found in store bought smoothies. There are three smoothies in the range and I chose the green one which has yummy ingredients in like apple, pineapple and kiwi. It’s also packed with antioxidants and super good nutrients to aid your recovery. Alongside my super smoothie I decided to have mango and passion fruit natural yogurt with chopped up banana sprinkled with granola. I love the mixture of textures with creaminess, softness and crunchiness.

If you have any illness its very important to keep your body hydrated as being dehydrated will make you feel even worse leading to headaches and feeling sick. If you have a sore throat or in my case, tonsillitis, its so important to keep your throat lubricated as if you don’t your throat will feel dry causing coughing to get worse. If you get sick of drinking water you could just add some squash to it to give it some flavour. You could make tea, green tea would be good for detoxing your body and if you’re having trouble sleeping it would help you to drift off. Lemsip, in my opinion is vile, but it is a real saviour for sore throats. Just make sure when you take it you don’t have it too often as it contains paracetamol and you can only have paracetamol at certain time lapses.

Finally… curl up on your sofa or in your bed and relax. Relaxing will enable your body to recover and being ill exhausts you. If you have a pet, give them lots of big cuddles as I know my puppy (well she’s five but she’s still my puppy) makes me feel so much better and cuddling her keeps me warm and happy. Turn on your tv or laptop or open your book or put your headphones in. Take this opportunity, despite how ill you’re feeling, to completely relax as I’m sure you don’t get many opportunities to laze around. A person preference of mine is to watch youtube videos, a couple of my favourite youtubers at the moment are lily pebbles, vivianna does makeup and the saccone jolys.

When you feel well enough often having a bath is nice and relaxing but if you’re feeling light headed or sick I don’t recommend having one. If you’re reading this while being ill I sincerely hope you feel better soon and I promise you it you will get better so try and battle through!