& welcome to my little corner of the internet, if you hadn’t already gathered my name is Ruby and I guess you could call me a blogger! I write a blog so that makes me a blogger I guess, then I’m also a vlogger too and an every other social mediaer.

Ruby Red Roses started in 2014, little old me decided to take a picture of her toner she didn’t like and share it on a “blog” to let others know that she didn’t think they should spend their hard earned cash on it.

Flash forward to today I write about all sorts, mainly beauty but I dabble in all aspects of life, I want to use my blog to talk about things I believe need to be spoken about but for it to also be a sanctuary where people can come when they’re sad or stressed as an escape.

In November 2015 I was diagnosed with a neurological condition called aspergers, or better known as high functioning autism, I had been on the spectrum since birth but nobody picked up on the signs until I was unwell in hospital. This changed my life in reality, growing up feeling like an outsider and always not feeling how I thought I was suppose to feel came to end, I had a legitimate reason why I was this way so as of then I accepted and embraced my condition.

After being discharged from hospital I threw myself into what I loved, this, I blogged and made videos multiple times a week. I didn’t care what anybody thought of me anymore and I still don’t today.

So thats a little bit about me, I open up a lot more about myself on my social media and youtube channel if you’re curious to know more, but that’s it for now.

Thanks for stopping by xox