Today I thought I’d take the leap into sharing some of my poetry with you.

January is a month where we can be so harsh on ourselves and constantly feel like we are underachieving no matter how much we do.

Expectations and Pause are both poems about this feeling and I hope if you’re feeling the New Year pressure then they put it in perspective that you’re doing great and to not be so harsh on yourself.


Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 11.20.53.png


Why do put so much pressure on ourselves

And crumble if we haven’t achieved it by twelve


Our expectations of ourselves are far too high

It’s almost like we’re expecting pigs to fly


It feels like a competition of who can achieve the most

But sometimes even having a shower deserves a boast


Our success should be individual and not be compared

But if you don’t achieve 100 things you can still feel the glare


Take a step back and go at your own pace

Stop tripping over your own shoe lace



– – – – – – – – –



Do you ever feel like your life is on pause

As you watch other people curtesy to their applause


Do you ever feel like your heart is beating

Yet everything else has decided to take a back seating


Do you ever feel like people are seizing their dreams

As you sit in pitiful envy as their smile beams


Do you ever feel like everybody else is achieving

Yet a long time ago you gave up even believing


When things get tough

And you call it enough


There’s nothing sadder

Than being the latter



This was a bit more personal than my usual beauty posts but I hope you find some comfort amongst my words. Do let me know if you liked this as I write quite a bit of poetry and would love to share some more if its something you are interested in!



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