Mini NYX + Paperchase Haul

I love having a nosey into what other people have been buying, no wonder my wish list is never ending.. For some reason, I usually save up all the products I have been buying for one big haul, however it usually ends up being a whopper of a post. As I picked up some bits from Boots and Paperchase on Friday whilst shopping with my best friend, I thought I would share them with you, there isn’t too much so this means the post will be nice and concise.


I’ve been into Paperchase numerous times and always forgotten to pick up what I wanted. My online shopping basket has had the polka dot A6 mid year 2016/2017 diary, let’s squawk slim leather pencil case and black mesh flat pencil case (linked white version as black isn’t online) in for at least a month now. I never got around to purchasing them as I have a quarm with paying for postage, I will happily pay for products, but postage is a hell no! So when I spotted Paperchase on Friday, I went in and picked up my long-awaited stationary. The diary is compact so perfect to carry around in my bag without being too much of a burden. The pattern is very aesthetically pleasing and it has lots of handy pages like a conversation chart, yearly planner, exam timetable, school lesson timetable and a world time convertor. The banana leaf print is massive this season, I picked up this pencil case in preparation for September as I don’t think it will still be in store by then. It’s very small so I thought it would be perfect for just a pen, pencil and ruler to whip out in lessons. Then I bought the slightly larger pencil case to keep in my bag with equipment that I don’t need every lesson like glue, scissors and colouring pencils.

NYX is a brand I have heard a lot about but as it was not available in the UK into recently, I had never tried anything from them. The vivid bright eyeliners are a product that I have seen talked about a lot online so I picked two up in the shades sapphire and violet. They are both such beautiful colours and the formula is amazing. I usually dislike this kind of applicator for liquid liner but I have found it really easy to create the perfect wing with. I’ve insert a picture below of me wearing sapphire, on the left, I use tape to make sure the wing is crisp and the rest is a doddle. First off I was lusting over the Mac pigment in teal but it wasn’t the perfect mermaid shade I was looking for. Then I found the perfect shade in the form of an eyeliner but I wasn’t in the market for spending £16.50 just on one eyeliner. After that I went to NYX and very nearly bought the glitter in teal, but again, it just wasn’t the perfect shade. Finally I decided on the studio liquid liner extreme in aqua blue as it was the closest to the actual shade I was looking for. It is a very multifunctional product, as I will also use it like I would with a pigment, all over the lid. I was playing around with my new eyeliners when I got home after my little shopping trip and created a double wing using sapphire and aqua blue. I really like how it turned out and it’s going to be a component in an upcoming makeup look for my youtube channel.

Shopping is definitely one of my favourite things to do, there’s nothing a little bit of retail therapy can’t fix! Colourful eyeliner is such a fun concept for summer, especially as festival season is upon us.

Have you tried anything from NYX? Is there anything I really need to try?

Ruby Red R0ses xoxo


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