Mid-Week Liz Earle Haul; Skincare Saviours

Hi guys, today’s post is a little mid-week haul from Liz Earle, featuring some staple skincare and new found loves.


I adore Liz Earle as a brand, I think their skincare sits comfortably between high street and high end, more expensive than brands like Simple but less expensive than the likes of Clarins. It’s my go-to brand for skincare as I haven’t found a single product that I have  disliked yet!


Cleanse and PolishIMG_1169

I’ve been using cleanse and polish for well over a year now, I wrote a review on it in the early days of my blog. It’s my evening skin care staple and I always have to have a back up because I just can’t live without it! The limited edition 150ml pumps are my favourite as they come in stunning canisters and obviously last longer. The smell of this limited edition version is rose, it’s not unpleasant but I much prefer the original scent.


Gentle Face ExfoliatorIMG_1158

An exfoliator is a staple in my skincare routine two or three times a week as I suffer with quite uneven skin texture. This has the creamy texture of the cleanse and polish but with small exfoliating beads to remove dead skin cells. It is the perfect roughness for me, not too soft that it feels like it isn’t working but not too rough that it leaves your skin red and raw.


Deep Cleansing MaskIMG_1163

Lush face masks are my favourite ever however they only last for four weeks maximum so I wanted to pick up one that doesn’t go off for a while. My skin takes the hit more than usual when exam season comes around as the stress leads to spots, uneven texture and redness. This is an incredible face mask, cleansing like it says but also brightening. It makes you look like you’ve just had a really good sleep. It smells really pleasant for a clay based mask and turns a bad skin day into a good one for me. The mask also comes with these sponges to remove it to make sure you get it all off and don’t ruin your muslin cloths.


I hope you enjoyed this little mid-week skincare haul, skincare is such a nice thing to treat yourself to as you’re being so kind to your skin by doing so.

What is your favourite Liz Earle product or what do you want to try?

Ruby Red Roses xoxo


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