Try-On Eyelash Haul; Red Cherry and Ardell

Hi guys, today’s post is an eyelash haul with pictures of me wearing every pair, I thought this would be really helpful to anybody on the market for some new eyelashes as you don’t get a good indication of what they look like online. 
I have no mascara or eyeliner on in the pictures so I could show you how each pair of lashes look just by themselves. Some of the lashes would look better with eyeliner in my opinion so keep that in mind when looking at them.  

Ah… The famous demi wispies, these lashes are what they say on the box, wispy but as the “demi” suggests not too much so. They are fluttery yet natural and are so versatile for wearing with any eye makeup look. This box of four pairs was only £11.99 while one pair is sold for £5.49 in Superdrug! If I was to recommend one pair of lashes out of this whole haul then these would be them as they’re simply my favourite. 

Red Cherry lashes in general are much more dramatic than Ardell. These lashes are very pretty and fluttery. I tend to go for volumising over lengthening lashes but I actually love how these make my eyes look.

These lashes are similar to the #48 but just longer and slightly more volumising. They are stunning in my opinion, I can see myself getting lots of wear out of these with any makeup look.

In my opinion, these lashes look the least natural of them all, they look the most “false”. However, I think I can make them work with a dramatic eye makeup look. 

These are very similar to the demi wispies but in fact maybe even more natural. They are smaller lengthways than the others so if you have small eyes I think they would fit/suit you well.

The corners of those lashes are very heavy so I think these would pair perfectly with winged eyeliner to balance it all out. All of these lashes have super thin bands that are a doddle apply and blend in beautifully with your natural lash line.

All the eyelashes are linked to a website called “false eyelashes“, this post isn’t sponsored or anything, they just sell high quality lashes a lot cheaper than you would pay on the high street with free first class delivery on ALL orders so I wanted to share this gem of a website with you all. 
What brand/pair of eyelashes would recommend to me as I’m always on the hunt for new lashes?
Ruby Red Roses xoxo

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