How I Wash My Makeup Brushes + Beauty Blender; Clean In No Time

Hi guys, for today’s post I thought I would share with you how I wash my makeup brushes and beauty blender.  Everybody has their different techniques so I thought I would share mine with you incase you’re looking to change up how you wash your brushes as this works great for me.

I was going to do a makeup brush collection alongside a wash routine but I thought the post would just be far too long. So in this post I am going to show how I wash my brushes but in a future blogpost I will share my makeup brush collection with you all.

To wash my brushes I use Johnson’s baby shampoo as it’s super gentle so I know it won’t damage my brushes. 

I squeeze a small amount of shampoo into my palm, dilute it with some lukewarm water then swirl my brush in it – this releases the product trapped inside. I then continue swirling my brush on my hand under the running tap to allow the product to wash away. 
To clean my beauty blender I rub shampoo into the surface before repeatedly squeezing under running water. I keep doing this until it looks orange again and not a muddy brown colour. 
*I bought a new beauty blender the day after taking these photographs because I realised mine looked a bit worse for wear*

I lay out my brushes out on a flannel with the bristles hanging over the edge to allow them to dry better. I leave them overnight so they are fully dry for doing my makeup the next day.

The following day once my brushes are all dry, I clean the handles using baby wipes as they tend to get a bit grubby from foundation, concealer etc.
So here’s my brushes all lovely and clean, I generally try and clean my brushes every week but its been at least a month since I last cleaned them, awful I know.
Thanks for reading, I thought this might be a helpful post and might motivate you to clean your makeup brushes if you’re procrastinating and constantly putting it off. Cleaning my brushes on a Sunday is my favourite as I love having fresh brushes for Monday, it makes me feel like I’ve started the week right.
How do you clean your makeup brushes and/or beauty blender?

Ruby Red Roses xoxo

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