Hi guys, today’s post is very different from any post I have done before, Lily Pebble’s “24 hour” youtube video inspired me to create this post. Her video was a montage of lots of short clips of her visit to Soho House as she had just bought a new camera so wanted to test it out. If you didn’t already know, I bought the Canon 700D a few weeks ago and I’ve sure as hell been snapping away. I thought I would share with you all the random photographs I’ve been taking as I personally love photograph heavy posts rather than text heavy posts.

Most of these photos are of my dog as you can see, I just can’t help myself, she’s just too cute. There was some more photos I wanted to share with you all but I’m saving them for a designated post however I do hope you enjoyed this post!

Do you prefer text heavy or photograph heavy blogposts? Is photo quality important to you as a reader?

Ruby Red Roses xoxo

Hi guys, today’s post is a beginners guide to colour correcting, this is a relatively new trend that has taken the beauty industry by storm. Colour correcting palettes have been brought out by the likes of Stila and colour correcting primers have been brought out by brands like Tarte. However, today I thought I would demonstrate colour correcting using the Makeup Revolution ultra base corrector palette as it’s affordable, so perfect to try and see if you think colour correcting is worth the hype before potentially splashing out. 
Before I go into detail about the individual colours and what they “correct”, I thought I would give you an overview of my thoughts on the palette as a whole. The packaging is the classic palette packaging for Makeup Revolution, very minimalistic and chic however the gold text on the front wears away very quickly which can make it a pain trying to find the palette you want alongside all your other Makeup Revolution palettes. The formula is ultra creamy and so easy to blend out, that is great as you definitely don’t want these shades left unblended on your face! They have just the right amount of pigmentation to mask what they need to without leaving a tint of their actual colour on the skin.

Top row of palette, top line of swatches; bottom row of palette, bottom line of swatches – left to right
Here’s an overview of what each of the colours in this palette correct;
Pink – Brightens eye area and masks fatigue
Purple – Brightens sallow/yellow skin
Green – Counteracts redness
Orange – Neutralises blue tones
Peach – Helps to balance out slight discolouration
White – Adds natural highlight and brightens
Cream – Neutralises purple and covers dark areas
Brown – Balances ashiness in medium to dark skin tones

I’m aware I look like a crazy lady but I thought I would show you where I use all the different colours on my face! I used the pink to brighten my under eyes, lots of the green to mask all my redness, white to add a pre-highlight under my foundation, peach for the top of my brows then cream to carve out my brows.
After being blended out you can see that my complexion looks much more even and the redness has been masked extremely well. My eyes look less tired which is something I find even concealer can’t fake sometimes. Also can we please ignore the fact that I have no brows, I’m desperately trying to grow them out after a battle with the tweezers! They won if you haven’t already guessed…

Overall I think this palette is a must have, for £6 you really can’t go wrong as it can only enhance whatever makeup you put on top! All the high end brands are bringing out colour correcting palettes but Makeup Revolution is the only drugstore brand to have done so I believe, however if I’m wrong defiantly let me know as this is a hype I defiantly want to explore more.
What do you think of colour correcting, does it live up to the hype? 
Ruby Red Roses xoxo

Hi guys, today’s post is an eyelash haul with pictures of me wearing every pair, I thought this would be really helpful to anybody on the market for some new eyelashes as you don’t get a good indication of what they look like online. 
I have no mascara or eyeliner on in the pictures so I could show you how each pair of lashes look just by themselves. Some of the lashes would look better with eyeliner in my opinion so keep that in mind when looking at them.  

Ah… The famous demi wispies, these lashes are what they say on the box, wispy but as the “demi” suggests not too much so. They are fluttery yet natural and are so versatile for wearing with any eye makeup look. This box of four pairs was only £11.99 while one pair is sold for £5.49 in Superdrug! If I was to recommend one pair of lashes out of this whole haul then these would be them as they’re simply my favourite. 

Red Cherry lashes in general are much more dramatic than Ardell. These lashes are very pretty and fluttery. I tend to go for volumising over lengthening lashes but I actually love how these make my eyes look.

These lashes are similar to the #48 but just longer and slightly more volumising. They are stunning in my opinion, I can see myself getting lots of wear out of these with any makeup look.

In my opinion, these lashes look the least natural of them all, they look the most “false”. However, I think I can make them work with a dramatic eye makeup look. 

These are very similar to the demi wispies but in fact maybe even more natural. They are smaller lengthways than the others so if you have small eyes I think they would fit/suit you well.

The corners of those lashes are very heavy so I think these would pair perfectly with winged eyeliner to balance it all out. All of these lashes have super thin bands that are a doddle apply and blend in beautifully with your natural lash line.

All the eyelashes are linked to a website called “false eyelashes“, this post isn’t sponsored or anything, they just sell high quality lashes a lot cheaper than you would pay on the high street with free first class delivery on ALL orders so I wanted to share this gem of a website with you all. 
What brand/pair of eyelashes would recommend to me as I’m always on the hunt for new lashes?
Ruby Red Roses xoxo

Hi guys, today’s post is an addition to my normal schedule of two blogposts a week as I just wanted to remind you all that you only have one day left to enter my Makeup Revolution giveaway.
You can see all the giveaway prize photos and swatches on my original blogpost linked here.

You can enter on the original post or down below on the rafflecopter form. It’s really simple, you just need to create an account or log in with your email address then submit as many entries as you want. The only mandatory entry is that you’re following me on Bloglovin as I want to give back to my subscribers however all the other entries are optional but give you more chances to win.

Love you all very much, I’m so grateful for all every single one of you who takes time out of their day to read my little corner of the internet.
Ruby Red Roses xoxo

Hi guys, today I’m joining you with a drugstore vs high end post and I will be comparing the Rimmel wake me up concealer and the Naked skin concealer. I was thinking about making this into a little series where I try and find the best dupes for high end products and say whether I think you should save or splurge. Let me know what you think of that idea! 

First off I will start with what you see first, the packaging. The Rimmel wake me up has pretty good packaging for the drugstore. Featuring the iconic orange of the wake me up collection and almost “radiant” text matching the radiant glow the product promises. The Naked skin concealer, quite rightly, is an expensive feeling and looking product which matches the expensive price tag. It is minimalistic yet chic and I love how the lid clicks in place so you know the lid is on properly to prevent your product from drying out. 

Next I am going to talk about the formula, they have very different consistencies but I like them both a lot. The Rimmel wake me up is much thinner than the Naked skin which I find can often look a bit cakey. The Rimmel wake me up is extremely brightening but not full coverage like it claims to be, whilst the Naked skin does have really good coverage, allowing it to double up for spots as well as under the eyes.
The applicators are very different but again I like them both a lot. The Rimmel wand is domed so allows you to swoop nicely under your eyes depositing the right amount of product. The Naked wand is more precise but applies far too much product even after scraping what I think is most off.

The colour I have in the Naked skin (light neutral) was recommended to me on the Urban Decay concession but I personally would have gone for the lightest shade (fair neutral) as I like a super highlighting concealer. However light neutral is wearable for me and it isn’t too yellow or too pink, it just sits nicely in the middle of all the undertones. I have the lightest shade of the wake me up concealer and I love it as it highlights so much on the high points of my face. It definitely has a pink undertone to it but as colour correcting has taken over the beauty industry by storm we know pink is used under our eyes to brighten.
Overall I would say… SAVE! The Rimmel wake me up is such an incredible concealer, as is the Naked skin, but I don’t think the difference in price is worth it compared to the difference in quality.
Have you tried either of these concealers, if so would you say save or splurge? 
Ruby Red Roses xoxo