March Favourites; How Time Flies

Hi guys, today’s post is my March favourites and I honestly can’t believe how fast this month has flown by, we’re already a quarter of the way through the year!
Sleek Shimmer Blush in Rose Gold – I’ve dabbled in and out of using this over its time in my collection but I’ve found myself reaching for it frequently this month. It is a gorgeous shimmery pink shade that gives the perfect natural flush to the cheeks.
Benefit Chachabalm Coral Lip Balm – In complete controversy to my claim in my ‘how much is my face worth” post that when I wear makeup I always wear a full face, this month I have in fact been going for a minimal makeup look on those lazier days. Chacha is a gorgeous peach tinted lip balm that just gives your lips a little something extra.
Makeup Revolution Awesome Double Flick Thick and Thin – This eyeliner featured in my “Makeup Revolution haul” and I’ve used it religiously ever since. It’s so easy to use and coming from an eyeliner nube that is saying a lot.
Makeup Revolution Pro Fix Oil Control Makeup Fixing Spray – This is my new holy grail product, a multi-functional all-round winner in my books. It works as a setting spray and is great used on a beauty blender to mesh the foundation and concealer with your skin.
Kiehls Actively Correcting & Beautifying BB Cream – Kiehls is one of my (new) favourite brands when it comes to skincare so when I received a sample of this I was excited to try it out as I feel like using makeup from a skincare brand is essentially just another step in your skincare routine. It has SPF 50+ so is great at protecting your skin from the sun and pollution which is a staple in this day and age. It has a light coverage, almost your skin but better/glowier and blends like a dream.

Kiehls Ultra Light Daily Moisturiser SPF 50 – Carrying on nicely from my Kiehls BB cream is this moisturiser also from them which contains SPF 50+ as well. I bought it last summer and used it solely as a suncream but after a recent discussion with a Kiehls skincare expert they recommended it for daily use. It makes sense now as it is called “daily defence”, haha!
Garnier Cleansing Micellar Water  – I think this may be the most hyped about drugstore skincare product ever! It takes off your makeup so easily without irritating the skin which I struggle with as I have very sensitive skin. It rivals many other micellar waters and I can’t say I’ve tried them all obviously but this one has a winner of a price tag.
TRESemmé Youth Boost Styling Lotion – My Mum gifted this to me as she purchased it without her glasses and then realised it was the wrong one, typical Mums! I don’t particularly notice what it does to my hair when I use it but what my hair is like when I don’t. I have frizzy ends which makes them look split (not a good look) and this just smoothes them out adding a sheen without making it look greasy.
Victoria’s Secret Angel Gold Fragrance Mist – My gorgeous best friend recently visited Dubai and brought me back some lovely gifts from shops we don’t have over here/are harder to find like Victoria’s Secret and Bath and Body Works. Aside from the bottle being stunning and a display piece, the scent is fresh but sexy, please forgive my rubbish scent description!

Cadbury Creme Egg – I have eaten so naughty this month with the lead up to Easter and then the bank holiday weekend. The Easter eggs on every shelf in every supermarket are such a temptation! These bad boys have been my guilty pleasure for this past month, I dread to think how many I’ve consumed… There was an uproar about Cadbury’s changing the chocolate on the egg but for me its all about the creme so I can’t even tell the difference!


Beauty Spectrum – Molly is a similar age to me and I usually much prefer watching older youtubers but I find her to be very mature so enjoyable to watch. Her vlogs are my favourite as she just bites the bullet and vlogs in public which takes serious balls. She is so pretty, funny and her hair is incredible! She is so close to 20k as well so definitely go check out her channel and subscribe as she’s a gem.


Becca Rose – Becca is like the big Sister or cool Auntie that everybody wants. She is incredibly sweet and one to watch if you’re feeling down as her aura is very uplifting. Her recent video on “5 things for self love” was so inspiring so I would definitely recommend giving that a watch if you feel a bit rubbish about yourself.

Hannah Renée – Han is absolutely stunning and her makeup skills are out of this world! She works for Mac so that tells you something. She’s so cute and smiley, a ray of sunshine so another to watch if you want cheering up. She often does long chatty videos and one of my favourite is her “stripped down challenge“.

Hope March was a good month for you, Easter is a seriously underrated holiday in my opinion, who doesn’t want to eat their body weight in chocolate!

What was something that swept you off your feet this month?

Ruby Red Roses xoxo


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