10 Best Things About Spring; Fresh and Floral

Hi guys! Everybody loves a bit of sun on their skin but I often find summer can make me a bit flustered when it gets too hot as I don’t like wearing shorts and vest tops. Spring is perfect for me as the weather gets milder but it is still fresh out but not clammy so I thought I would tell you my favourite things about the season of Spring.

1) As the weather is milder outside, clothes and bedding can be line dried and there is nothing better than the smell of the fresh air encased in your belongings. 

2) In Winter, you can spend lots of time planning an outfit and getting ready but you always shove a coat on top so the effort is wasted. However in Spring, you can show off all your lovely summery clothes.

3) I defy anybody to go on a walk in Spring with the flowers blooming, the sun on their skin, lambs in the field and not feel happiness surge through them. 

4) Eating healthier is so much easier when the weather is nicer, who wants to eat salad when it’s cold? But eating it outside with the sun warming your skin definitely sounds a lot nicer.

5) Being productive is so much easier as the temptation to build a duvet fort and hide in it all day while its raining outside is less when the weather doesn’t suck. Note: the weather in the UK is very hormonal, it can be bright sunshine one minute then peeing it down the next so a duvet fort can be your back up plan, don’t worry.

6) This one is for all you doggie owners out there – Spring means no longer having to drag your ass outside in the dark, wet and cold to walk your dog. Instead you might actually quite enjoy dog walks as you don’t feel like you’ve caught hypothermia. 

7) I love burgundy and grungy colours through winter but I delight when I think its an acceptable time to paint my nails bright and pastel colours.  

8) You know spring is here when all the supermarkets start selling their daffodils for £1 and you can afford to have flowers on display constantly. Their bright yellow colour is a mood booster and they just make you look like you have your life together that little bit more.

9) I’m a right water baby and love swimming but an indoor pool comes nowhere near close to the sea. I don’t think the UK seas ever really get warm enough to swim in but spring is a time where a lot of people go abroad to hot countries where their seas are bath water temperature *heart eyes emoji*. 

10) I feel like pampering yourself is easier in spring as you kind of have to force yourself to do it, for example, if you want to wear a skirt you know you should probably shave your legs or if you want to wear sandals you know it would look really nice if you painted your toenails. 

Hope you enjoyed this post, I’ve been really enjoying writing this chatty posts for you guys, see you on Thursday with my March Favourites!

What is your favourite thing about Spring?

Ruby Red Roses xoxo 

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