Overcoming Negativity; Top 5 Quotes

Hi guys, my inspirational quotes for different scenario posts seem to becoming a bit of a series and today I bring you one focusing on overcoming negativity.

1) This is a personal favourite of mine, it is from the Lion King and I love that Disney films have meaning when you look back as an adult. Bad things happen to us all but how we choose to deal with them afterwards is our choice. 

2) You have the most incredible gift ever, an imagination, use it wisely. Don’t waste it by thinking about things that get you down, instead, develop amazing ideas. 
3) Spite and anger are all horrible things to feel, and even when they are justified, they make you feel worse. Just let it go, is it going to matter on five or ten years? Probably not. 
4) A lot of negativity comes from remembering things that have happened in the past, it’s in the past so there’s nothing you can do to change it, only learn from it and become a better person as a result. 
5) This quote inspired this whole post, I sat for a good few minutes thinking about it when it appeared on my tumblr feed, it really messed with my head. Every single thing you do in life will be criticised by somebody. You do well in exams, somebody will say you’re a swot but if you fail you will be called dumb. That is just one of many examples. 
Hope you enjoyed this post, I thoroughly enjoy writing them and the prospect that it might possibly even help or make just one person smile makes me incredibly happy. 
What is your favourite quote to help you overcome negativity? 

Ruby Red Roses xoxo

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