Hi guys, today’s post is my March favourites and I honestly can’t believe how fast this month has flown by, we’re already a quarter of the way through the year!
Sleek Shimmer Blush in Rose Gold – I’ve dabbled in and out of using this over its time in my collection but I’ve found myself reaching for it frequently this month. It is a gorgeous shimmery pink shade that gives the perfect natural flush to the cheeks.
Benefit Chachabalm Coral Lip Balm – In complete controversy to my claim in my ‘how much is my face worth” post that when I wear makeup I always wear a full face, this month I have in fact been going for a minimal makeup look on those lazier days. Chacha is a gorgeous peach tinted lip balm that just gives your lips a little something extra.
Makeup Revolution Awesome Double Flick Thick and Thin – This eyeliner featured in my “Makeup Revolution haul” and I’ve used it religiously ever since. It’s so easy to use and coming from an eyeliner nube that is saying a lot.
Makeup Revolution Pro Fix Oil Control Makeup Fixing Spray – This is my new holy grail product, a multi-functional all-round winner in my books. It works as a setting spray and is great used on a beauty blender to mesh the foundation and concealer with your skin.
Kiehls Actively Correcting & Beautifying BB Cream – Kiehls is one of my (new) favourite brands when it comes to skincare so when I received a sample of this I was excited to try it out as I feel like using makeup from a skincare brand is essentially just another step in your skincare routine. It has SPF 50+ so is great at protecting your skin from the sun and pollution which is a staple in this day and age. It has a light coverage, almost your skin but better/glowier and blends like a dream.

Kiehls Ultra Light Daily Moisturiser SPF 50 – Carrying on nicely from my Kiehls BB cream is this moisturiser also from them which contains SPF 50+ as well. I bought it last summer and used it solely as a suncream but after a recent discussion with a Kiehls skincare expert they recommended it for daily use. It makes sense now as it is called “daily defence”, haha!
Garnier Cleansing Micellar Water  – I think this may be the most hyped about drugstore skincare product ever! It takes off your makeup so easily without irritating the skin which I struggle with as I have very sensitive skin. It rivals many other micellar waters and I can’t say I’ve tried them all obviously but this one has a winner of a price tag.
TRESemmé Youth Boost Styling Lotion – My Mum gifted this to me as she purchased it without her glasses and then realised it was the wrong one, typical Mums! I don’t particularly notice what it does to my hair when I use it but what my hair is like when I don’t. I have frizzy ends which makes them look split (not a good look) and this just smoothes them out adding a sheen without making it look greasy.
Victoria’s Secret Angel Gold Fragrance Mist – My gorgeous best friend recently visited Dubai and brought me back some lovely gifts from shops we don’t have over here/are harder to find like Victoria’s Secret and Bath and Body Works. Aside from the bottle being stunning and a display piece, the scent is fresh but sexy, please forgive my rubbish scent description!

Cadbury Creme Egg – I have eaten so naughty this month with the lead up to Easter and then the bank holiday weekend. The Easter eggs on every shelf in every supermarket are such a temptation! These bad boys have been my guilty pleasure for this past month, I dread to think how many I’ve consumed… There was an uproar about Cadbury’s changing the chocolate on the egg but for me its all about the creme so I can’t even tell the difference!


Beauty Spectrum – Molly is a similar age to me and I usually much prefer watching older youtubers but I find her to be very mature so enjoyable to watch. Her vlogs are my favourite as she just bites the bullet and vlogs in public which takes serious balls. She is so pretty, funny and her hair is incredible! She is so close to 20k as well so definitely go check out her channel and subscribe as she’s a gem.


Becca Rose – Becca is like the big Sister or cool Auntie that everybody wants. She is incredibly sweet and one to watch if you’re feeling down as her aura is very uplifting. Her recent video on “5 things for self love” was so inspiring so I would definitely recommend giving that a watch if you feel a bit rubbish about yourself.

Hannah Renée – Han is absolutely stunning and her makeup skills are out of this world! She works for Mac so that tells you something. She’s so cute and smiley, a ray of sunshine so another to watch if you want cheering up. She often does long chatty videos and one of my favourite is her “stripped down challenge“.

Hope March was a good month for you, Easter is a seriously underrated holiday in my opinion, who doesn’t want to eat their body weight in chocolate!

What was something that swept you off your feet this month?

Ruby Red Roses xoxo

Hi guys! Everybody loves a bit of sun on their skin but I often find summer can make me a bit flustered when it gets too hot as I don’t like wearing shorts and vest tops. Spring is perfect for me as the weather gets milder but it is still fresh out but not clammy so I thought I would tell you my favourite things about the season of Spring.

1) As the weather is milder outside, clothes and bedding can be line dried and there is nothing better than the smell of the fresh air encased in your belongings. 

2) In Winter, you can spend lots of time planning an outfit and getting ready but you always shove a coat on top so the effort is wasted. However in Spring, you can show off all your lovely summery clothes.

3) I defy anybody to go on a walk in Spring with the flowers blooming, the sun on their skin, lambs in the field and not feel happiness surge through them. 

4) Eating healthier is so much easier when the weather is nicer, who wants to eat salad when it’s cold? But eating it outside with the sun warming your skin definitely sounds a lot nicer.

5) Being productive is so much easier as the temptation to build a duvet fort and hide in it all day while its raining outside is less when the weather doesn’t suck. Note: the weather in the UK is very hormonal, it can be bright sunshine one minute then peeing it down the next so a duvet fort can be your back up plan, don’t worry.

6) This one is for all you doggie owners out there – Spring means no longer having to drag your ass outside in the dark, wet and cold to walk your dog. Instead you might actually quite enjoy dog walks as you don’t feel like you’ve caught hypothermia. 

7) I love burgundy and grungy colours through winter but I delight when I think its an acceptable time to paint my nails bright and pastel colours.  

8) You know spring is here when all the supermarkets start selling their daffodils for £1 and you can afford to have flowers on display constantly. Their bright yellow colour is a mood booster and they just make you look like you have your life together that little bit more.

9) I’m a right water baby and love swimming but an indoor pool comes nowhere near close to the sea. I don’t think the UK seas ever really get warm enough to swim in but spring is a time where a lot of people go abroad to hot countries where their seas are bath water temperature *heart eyes emoji*. 

10) I feel like pampering yourself is easier in spring as you kind of have to force yourself to do it, for example, if you want to wear a skirt you know you should probably shave your legs or if you want to wear sandals you know it would look really nice if you painted your toenails. 

Hope you enjoyed this post, I’ve been really enjoying writing this chatty posts for you guys, see you on Thursday with my March Favourites!

What is your favourite thing about Spring?

Ruby Red Roses xoxo 

Hi guys, my inspirational quotes for different scenario posts seem to becoming a bit of a series and today I bring you one focusing on overcoming negativity.

1) This is a personal favourite of mine, it is from the Lion King and I love that Disney films have meaning when you look back as an adult. Bad things happen to us all but how we choose to deal with them afterwards is our choice. 

2) You have the most incredible gift ever, an imagination, use it wisely. Don’t waste it by thinking about things that get you down, instead, develop amazing ideas. 
3) Spite and anger are all horrible things to feel, and even when they are justified, they make you feel worse. Just let it go, is it going to matter on five or ten years? Probably not. 
4) A lot of negativity comes from remembering things that have happened in the past, it’s in the past so there’s nothing you can do to change it, only learn from it and become a better person as a result. 
5) This quote inspired this whole post, I sat for a good few minutes thinking about it when it appeared on my tumblr feed, it really messed with my head. Every single thing you do in life will be criticised by somebody. You do well in exams, somebody will say you’re a swot but if you fail you will be called dumb. That is just one of many examples. 
Hope you enjoyed this post, I thoroughly enjoy writing them and the prospect that it might possibly even help or make just one person smile makes me incredibly happy. 
What is your favourite quote to help you overcome negativity? 

Ruby Red Roses xoxo

Hi guys, today’s blogpost is very different to anything I’ve ever done but it just sprung itself on me whilst I was having a bit of bloggers block. SO many new amazing beauty products have been launched recently that I’m ogling over so I thought I would share them with you so we can ogle over them together!

                               Too Faced Sweet Peach Eye Shadow Palette
Have you ever seen a palette more perfect for summer? I think not. At first glance many months ago, when this palette was just Chinese whispers online, I was and still am captivated. As the name suggests, a lot of the shades are a peachy colour however it’s actually the shade “caramelized”, a shimmery purple/caramel brown which has really caught my eye. As the signature chocolate bar palettes have the scent of rich cocoa this palette naturally was going to smell of peaches.

Too Faced are really slaying the new in beauty releases with their two beautiful and innovative eyeshadow palettes. This palette is based around the iconic combination of peanut butter and jelly better know to us Brits as peanut butter and jam. I want to fly over to America and go to Sephora or Ultra just to smell this palette as, you guessed it, it smells of peanut butter and jelly. The shades are very neutral and easy to wear with them being shimmers but it’s the bright purple called “jelly” which has me swooning. 

Again on the Too Faced front, they have released their best selling mascara in a waterproof version and its been a long time coming. The original mascara gives amazing volume and a real false lash effect which I assume the new formula will do equally as well but with the added feature of being waterproof. 
Makeup Revolution is a brand that I am head over heels in love with, they do incredible quality dupes of high end products for a fraction of the high end price. Mac strobe cream has been on my lust list since it hit the beauty blogging scene but I didn’t want to splash out on a product that I had no idea whether I would like or not. This is only £8 which means if you don’t like it then it isn’t the end of the world.
Makeup Revolution have released dupes of the Bobbi Brown shimmer blocks in two shades with radiant being the lighter of the two. They look absolutely stunning and I think they will make a lovely highlighter in the summer as they both have bronzey tones. 

This product just screams the perfect nude to me with the balance of pink and brown undertones just right. The packaging is simplistic but comparable to the likes of the Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks with the expensive looking rose gold finish. They have released five colours in the rose gold lipstick collection and I honestly love every single one, at £3 each you definitely can’t go wrong. 
I’m a massive fan of the original hoola, like every other human alive, so when I saw this on Benefit’s Instagram I squealed a little bit inside. Liquid bronzer intrigues me as I think it could be a great alternative to powder bronzer in the summer for a much more natural and dewy finish. It would also act great as a base for powder bronzer on top and if your foundation was too light you could just mix a bit of this in. 
I may be a fan of glowy radiant skin but shiny oily skin is sadly not the same so I like to use an industrial strength primer underneath to keep the oil at bay and stop it seeping through into my other base makeup. As you probably already know if you read my blog regularly I am a massive fan of the original porefessional but I would even go as far as to say I think I maybe would prefer this as it is even more mattifying. 
The Balm is a drugstore brand that is at the higher price end of it that it may even not be considered drugstore even though it is sold in Superdrug. The Balm creates amazing products with the quirkiest names! They have released a range of eyeshadow sticks, which is a first for them, in eight shimmery shades. All the colours are stunning and I had a hard job choosing which one to show you, but I settled on light purple as I thought with broaching into spring, this could be a beautiful all over the lid colour as we stray away from those dark grungy winter eye looks. 
Thank you so much for reading, I really hope you enjoyed this blogpost, I throughly enjoyed writing it but my bank account won’t be too happy if I cave and buy any of the products! I really feel like lots of brands are nailing their new releases at the minute, keep it up is all I can say as you have us beauty lovers having a contest battle with ourselves not to purchase your entire new collections. 
This is my new in beauty releases wish list but what is your top new in beauty product that you’re lusting over or have even caved in and bought?
Ruby Red Roses xoxo

Hi guys, today’s post is the liebstar award, if you haven’t heard of it before then it is simply a chain mail set of questions that bloggers answer then nominate their blogging friends to do the same. The lovely Alice from the blog Dainty Alice nominated me so a massive thank you to her and go check out her liebster award blogpost.

1. Thank the person who nominated you and post a link to their blog in your post.

2. Show the award on your blog or in your post.3. Answer the 11 questions asked by the person who nominated you. 4. Write 11 random facts about yourself.5. Nominate 5-11 bloggers that you feel deserve the award.6. Create a list of new questions for your nominees to answer.7. Once your blog is published, let your nominees know that they have been nominated and link them to your post for more details.

Alice’s Questions
1. If you were a colour, what colour would you be?
White is such a clinical colour to me but I love grey as I think it looks so chic and I find it extremely relaxing hence why my room is painted grey.

2. What’s your favourite blog post you’ve written so far? Link it! 
Definitely my January favourites! I had taken a break from blogging and this was my first post after that, I put so much time into it and felt immensely proud at the finished post.

3. Who is your biggest blogging inspiration?
I love the cliche bloggers like Zoella, Tanya Burr, Niomi Smart etc etc.. They defiantly first inspired me to start a blog but if we’re talking on terms of maybe less known bloggers (not vloggers) that inspire my daily then I would go check out who I’m following on bloglovin as I love every single blog I follow!

4. How do you fight blogger’s block?
Blogger’s block is a nightmare, I get it a lot! I go on twitter and engage with fellow bloggers to give me an inspiration boost and scroll through bloglovin reading blogposts that catch my eye.

5. What type of blogger are you? (eg. fashion, beauty.) 

I dabble in everything to be honest, I like my blog to reflect me and I have interests in lots of aspect of life like beauty, fashion and lifestyle. I love reading blogs that have a diverse range of content so thats what my blog is. 

6. Do you have any blogging regrets? 

Sometimes you just need to take some time out for yourself but blogging makes me feel so happy and I love feeling like I have accomplishes something so I wish I had never taken breaks.

7. What’s your favourite way to treat yourself? 

BUY MAKEUP! Haha I love buying makeup but I’m also a sucker for lush products and anything along the pampering line.

8. What was the last thing you bought? 

Yesterday I went shopping with my Grandma and bought a denim jacket from the GAP outlet and a leopard print tan tassel handbag, I’m definitely partial to a good bargain!

9. Describe your dream holiday? Details please! 
My dream holiday would include travelling over the space of a month or more as I feel like long flights are only worth it if you stay for a long time. I would love to go to Australia, New Zealand, Bora Bora, Singapore and all the little islands in that part of the world. Of course in Bora Bora I would love to stay in the rooms out at sea with glass floors and in Australia I want to try surfing on Bondi beach as I’ve never ever tried surfing even though I’m a strong swimmer! 

10. If you could have a selfie with anyone, who would it be? 

One thing I am definitely not is a fangirl, I like certain celebrities/people but definitely don’t “fangirl” over them. If I could have a selfie with ANYBODY it would probably just be somebody very important like the Queen or Barack Obama as not many people would be able to say they have a selfie with them!

11. What’s your opinion on the Kardashians? 

KUWTK is my guilty pleasure, I ogle at how beautiful they all are but my only quarm is that I have no idea what they’re famous for. Is Kim Kardashian only famous for her sex tape and naked selfies, probably. I defiantly prefer the Jenner side over the Kardashian side as I find them more genuine and not so full of drama.  
11 Random Facts About Me
1)  My dream job is a freelance makeup artist but in the interim it’s my dream to work on a mac counter.
2) I have an absolutely massive sweet tooth, everything from chocolate to cake to ice cream I’m a sucker for, GET IN MY BELLY. 
3) I hate confrontation, I will do anything to avoid it as it makes me feel sad and panicky. 
4) I find the taste of green tea delicious! Most people drink green tea because of the health benefits but hate the taste however I adore the taste. 
5) I’m a very creative person and express this through makeup and my blog.
6) I live in a house where the lounge and kitchen in on the second floor which makes it great for nebbing at people walking down the street.
7) I have a relatively small family with only one brother, no cousins and no step siblings. 
8) I love baking, I find it very relaxing and again I love channelling my creativity into whatever I’m baking. 
9) Lavander is my favourite ever scent, I own so many lavender scented products as I find it so relaxing and it helps me to sleep.
10) When it comes to trends and crazes I’m always really late to jump on the bandwagon as I like to read reviews of products before I buy them as I’m scared of not liking them.
11) I drink coffee and tea black with no sugar which some people find rather strange, my Mum has always drunk them this way so I think I followed in her footsteps as you often copy your parents as they’re your role model. 
My Questions For You
1) When did you first start your blog? Link your first ever blogpost.
2) How did you come up with the name for your blog?
3) What is your favourite type of blogpost to write? e.g. hauls, makeup tutorials, baking etc.
4) Bloggers or vloggers? 
5) Could you see yourself blogging in 5 years? 
6) How long does it take you to write the average blogpost?
7) Who or what inspired you to create a blog?
8) What do people around you think of you blogging/your blog?
9) What are other hobbies you have aside from blogging?
10) If you could only write about one category on your blog forever what would it be?
11) Do you have a blogging goal/subscriber goal?
Thank you for reading, I throughly enjoyed writing this post, I personally love reading Q&A style blogposts so I hope you enjoyed reading mine! I nominate Gabb Thomas, Roman Blondie and Lucyy Writes. I know it isn’t 5 or more but I wanted to nominate blogging friends who (hopefully) will actually do it.
Have you ever done a liebster award on your blog? If not then I nominate you and you can say I tagged you!
Ruby Red Roses xoxo