Hi guys, today I have a blogpost I’m super excited about sharing with you! As you can tell by the title, this includes healthy Valentines Day food, which is hard to come by as Valentines Day is associated with chocolate.  

V Day Inspired Beetroot Crisps
The first recipe is beetroot crisps, say what?! These tasted more like sweet potato fries to me as I sliced them freehand which doesn’t get them as thin as they would ideally be. These are packed full of goodness, taste really great and look super cute! 

You will need;
 – Beetroot (however much you want really, I used 2)
– 1 Tbsp Oil (Vary the amount on how much beetroot you use)
– A good shake of dried herbs

1) Cut the beetroot into thin slices
2) Using a heart shaped cutter or free hand cut out hearts from your beetroot slices.3) Mix the beetroot in a bowl with the oil and herbs until every piece is throughly coated.
4) Place on baking sheets lined with parchment paper well spread out
5) Cook for 25-35 minutes in a 155 degrees celsius oven. 
6) Once cooked, blot with kitchen paper to remove excess oil.
7) Voila, super easy healthy crisp alternative!

Heart Shaped Pitta Bread Pizzas

Next is probable my favourite recipe of them all! Healthy pizza that actually tastes like normal pizza, yes you heard me right. 
You will need; 
– 1 wholemeal pitta bread for each person
– 1 Tbsp tomato puree for each pitta
– Mozzarella cheese ( I used 40% less fat to make this even healthier)
– Few slices of pepperoni 
1) Cut the pitta breads into hearts using a heart cutter 
2) Apply the tomato puree then a couple of thin slices of mozzarella
3) Cut the pepperoni into little hearts then lay on top of the mozzarella 
4) Place on a baking tray and grill on 200 degrees celsius until the cheese has melted. 
5) Eat these fresh out the oven as they taste so much nicer warm!

Tomato and Cheese Cupid’s Bows

The last recipe is the simplest of them all, require no cooking but looks very effective. 
You will need; 
– Cherry tomatoes (1 per skewer)
– Cheddar cheese (I recommend using a mild cheese as I used mature cheddar and it crumbled quite a lot)
– Cocktail sticks (1 per tomato) 
1) Cut a V out of the top of the tomatoes then trim their sides to make them into a heart shape. 
2) Put them onto the middle of the skewers
3) Cut an arrow and bow out of the cheese for each skewer before pushing them gently onto the end.
4) There you have these really quick and simple Cupid’s bows that would make a very cute lunchbox addition! 
Hope you enjoyed these recipes as much as I enjoyed creating and making them! I wanted to do something different to the traditional sweet Valentine’s Day recipes that are out there. All three of these recipes were delicious so I would highly recommend trying them out, I’m sure your loved ones won’t complain if you rustle these up on V day. 
Let me know if you make any of these Valentines Day snacks!

Ruby Red Roses xoxo

Hi guys, today’s blogpost is a little different, I thought I’d do the beauty blogger tag so you could get to know my blog and I a bit better. I decided to create my own tag so I could tailor the questions to suit me better and I often find tag posts are very long so I wanted to keep this short and sweet with only 5 questions.

Why did you start blogging and how long have you been blogging for?
My first ever blogpost was published on the 20th November 2014 but I wasn’t actively posting on my blog till January of the next year. I have taken a couple of breaks with my blog but overall I’ve remained pretty consistent. I started blogging as a hobby, I didn’t do any activities outside of school, so didn’t have anything to do in my free time. I’ve always been quite an introverted person and not great socially so my blog gave me the means of socialising without my awkwardness getting in the way. I’m quite a artistic person in terms of my ideas so the satisfaction I got from planning then creating blogposts was immense. 

Whose blog did you fall in love with first?
It took me a long time to delve into the beauty blogging community as I simply didn’t know it existed. After signing up to bloglovin I discovered so many new blogs that I wouldn’t have know existed without it. However, my first love when it comes to a blog was Gabb Thomas’, she was my first ever blogging friend and my first ever collab so her blog holds a special place in my heart. 

What was the first blogosphere hyped about product that you bought? Was it worth the hype?
I’m so easily influenced into buying products by other people’s reviews so pretty much everything I buy is because another beauty blogger has raved about it. When I visited Rome I bought some of my first ever high end makeup, the Naked palette and Nars copacabana illuminator, I purchased them after hearing amazing reviews so I guess they were my first hype spurred buy. I wrote about them in my Rome duty free makeup haul (linked here) if you want to check it out. They were definitely worth the hype as nearly a year later I still use them both frequently and continually use them over my newer comparable products. 

What is your favourite thing about blogging and being a Beauty Blogger?
Making blogging friends – there is honestly nothing better to me than making blogging friends online who understand what you do and love the same things you do. Doing collabs is my definitely favourite thing as I love interacting with other bloggers. 

What are your top 5 makeup brands?
1) Mac
2) Benefit
3) Urban Decay
4) Nars 
5) Too Faced

Hope you enjoyed this blogpost! It’s a little bit different but overall I just hope that you feel you know me a little bit better. 

What is your favourite ever makeup brand? 

Ruby Red Roses xoxo

Hi guys, today’s blogpost is this super simple yet effect eyeshadow look! It features a gradient from khaki to copper and looks like you’ve put a lot of effort into your makeup when in fact it was pretty simple. The khaki is very subtle and is almost an underlying colour which I personally thinks adds depth to the look.


1) Using a Pur Mineral utility makeup brush I take Charlotte Tilbury eyes to mesmerise in veruschka all over the lid. I blend gently on the lid but focus the blending on the edges to make it look seamless.
2) Next I take Stila eye shadow in copper on the centre of my lid with a Bobbi Brown eye shadow brush and pack it on. I find this brush to work very well at applying the eyeshadow as it is slightly denser than my average eyeshadow brush so minimises fall out.
4) Using my Mac 217 blending brush I firstly blend the darkest shade in the outer v into the crease. Then I gradually blend inwards so all the colours link together and don’t look like blocks of colour.
5) If any of the sections don’t look right to me I go back over and apply some more product before blending again until I’m happy with how it looks.
6) Using the Real Techniques detailer brush I apply all the colours I have used along my lower lash line to tie the look together before highlighting my inner corner using virgin from the Naked palette
7) I finish this look off by adding a small wing using Maybelline master precise liquid eyeliner and two coats of the Too Faced better than sex mascara on my top lashes and Mac extended play on the bottom.


I hope you like this eye look, it’s one of my favourites, I don’t usually recreate the same eyeshadow look over and over again but I particularly like this one. I would love to know your favourite eyeshadow looks as I’m always interested in experimenting!
See you soon 🙂
Ruby Red Roses xoxo

Hi guys, today is a Monday which means a new post from me! In todays blogpost I am going to be showing you my go-to subtle bronzer, blush and highlight choice. 
Rimmel Sun Compact Powder; Light Shimmer – As you can see in the photo, I have hit pan, I rarely hit pan with my products so this shows how much I enjoy this bronzer. Additions to my bronzer collection like hoola and bahama mama, have seen this one brushed aside at times, but on a day where I am wearing a subtler makeup look this is my go to bronzer. It is extremely blendable, doesn’t look muddy or cake up on your skin; an all round winner in my opinion! I use a Real Techniques retractable bronzer brush to apply this as I think it picks up the perfect amount of product and is fluffy enough to use to blend out.
Soul Sunday Cheek Rouge; Rosa – Dark pink blushes suit my complexion the best and look the most natural. Using my Real Techniques Bold Metals tapered blush brush I take a small amount of product by tapping the excess off the brush and dust lightly onto the apples of my cheeks in circular motions. The loose pigmentation of this product allows you to disperse the product more evenly over your cheek rather than clumping in one place. 

Body Shop Honey Bronze Highlighting Dome; 01 Golden – I find cream highlighters to be more subtle in general and easier to blend out if you want to make them even subtler. The highlighting dome is a very creamy consistency so blends extremely well but almost sets after a while, it doesn’t leave a crust on your skin however. I use my Real Techniques buffing brush, which is my foundation brush, to buff the edges out to make it seamless with my foundation and bronzer. This has a gorgeous shimmer to it, I often use it as a base and apply a more intense highlighter on top like Mary lou manizer or soft and gentle.
Hope you enjoyed todays blogpost, these are my favourite simple and subtle products, what are yours? 
See you on Thursday!  
Ruby Red Roses xoxo