Try On Haul; Next and H&M

Hi guys, today I have one of my favourite ever blogposts to read and to write, a haul! I recently picked up some lovely items in Next and H&M which I can’t wait to share with you. 
From Next I bought three pairs of jeans, or did I? Two of these “jeans” are in fact jeggings but I don’t think even a jean connoisseur could tell the difference! I bought two pairs of the jeggings in black and a dark blue. These were an upgrade from my old leggings as they had gone bobbly between the legs (muscly thighed girls you hear me). These jeggings look exactly like jeans with the tradition zip and button, but oh my, are they so much softer and comfortable to wear. The other jeans are actually jeans, I promise, but you wouldn’t think so either by how easy to wear they are. Again, these boyfriend jeans are very soft and fit me perfectly which is a surprise as I can try on hundreds of pairs yet they never seem to fit me right. One of my biggest problems with jeans, well trousers in general, is they are never long enough. I picked up all of these in a size 12 long and surprisingly they fit me like a glove! For Next, these were very reasonably priced and the quality is impeccable as usual. 


Compared to the Next part of the haul which was planned and essential this was more of a spontaneous spree. Saying that, I had been lusting over biker leather jackets as Sophie Foster frequently rocks them so I wanted to give one a shot. This leather biker jacket was £30, yes you heard me correct, £30!! For a leather jacket that is very reasonable and it doesn’t look or feel tacky like you would expect for a price that low. It looks amazing over one of my other purchases.. this gorgeous dark blue and orange floral A line dress. On the hanger I thought this wouldn’t suit my figure as I tend to suit more tailored clothing but I thought what the hell I’ll try it on. It sits beautifully on and I will definitely be getting lots of wear out of it as it’s so comfortable. As a combination I love them together and my Mum’s partner say I look like a rock chick so I’m gonna wear it to death if there’s a chance I look remotely “cool”.  The last item of clothing that I purchased is a black suede A line skirt which is very similar to a camel coloured suede A line skirt I own from Newlook that I adore. Black is a very wearable colour so I know I will wear this to death. It synchs me in at the waist which I find very flattering and the style suits me so much more than say a mini skirt or pencil skirt.




In Next I picked up these grey fur mule slippers as my Primark ones were looking a bit worse for wear. These were £10 whilst the Primark ones are £4 and aside from being much better quality I think the price difference will be made up by how long they will hopefully last. All I own are black socks so I decided I wanted some more colourful pairs, this set is insect themed and very suiting to the upcoming season of spring. My old water bottle was simply just a plastic bottle so I decided I wanted a nice one and when I saw this is H&M I chuckled to myself so I knew I had to get it! It says “Eat Sleep Squat Repeat” and aside from being funny it will motivate me to plan a work out whenever I’m drinking. You know them very clever products at the till that aren’t life or death products but in a fluster you pick up as you “need” it in your life and it’s cheap… To be fair this hair fluff catcher (?) is very practical and I use it on my new black jeans, sorry jeggings, as they gather dust like there’s no tomorrow.

Links for all the items;
Dark Blue Denim Leggings
Lint Roller – Not on the website

Hope you enjoyed this post, I personally prefer try on hauls as you can see how clothing fits so shopping online is made easier!
What’s your favourite high street store for clothing?
Ruby Red Roses xoxo

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