Top 5 Foot Care Summer Essentials; 2 of 3

This is part 2 of 3 in my summer essentials blogposts! Did you enjoy the first one? Did we have any summer essentials in common or similar? This summer essentials is about foot care because we all want to keep our tootsies looking nice in our sandals, don’t we! This blogpost is 100% not sponsored by the body shop, haha, I just LOVE their foot care range.


Body shop peppermint soothing pumice foot scrub – Don’t even get me started on how much I love the body shop peppermint foot care range! Once I discover it, I have rarely used anything else. This is a harsh but gentle exfoliant if that makes sense, its great at removing dead/dry skin yet doesn’t hurt the foot when used. The smell of this whole range is so refreshing that your feet feel practically new again after use!
Body shop almond nail and cuticle oil – This is such a no hassle, chuck in your handbag product. This cuticle oil is so handy to use as it’s not messy at all and is multifunctional. The oil is very nourishing and the oil softens the cuticles which then allows you to push them back with the cuticle pusher. I find this is very good to use on the nail when you have nail polish on as it keeps the nail hydrated when oxygen can’t get to it.
Body shop peppermint intensive foot rescue – The cooling effect when you apply this to your feet is so relaxing that after a long day on my feet, I find it helps me go to sleep. My feet are relaxed and soothed with the smell also relaxing me. This is so rich that when applied then covered with socks, it gives such a deep moisturising sensation that your feet feel like a baby’s bottom!
Body shop peppermint cooling foot spray –  This spray is perfect for when you get in and your feet are sore and a bit sweaty. It combats odour and contains menthol which cools your feet down. It’s very handy to just spritz on when you can’t be bothered to do anything else.
Lush volcano foot mask – Until using this, I’d never tried a foot mask before, but now I’m hooked. The other products are a quick fix but if I’m in a pampering mood I love to treat myself to this! Again. it’s very cooling and leaves your feet feeling revitalised after using.
These are my foot care summer essentials, what are yours? I’d love to try out some more product so let me know! Hope you’re having an amazing summer. 

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