Not A Rant; Maybe A Rant

Long time no see, sorry about that… I feel over the past few weeks I lost my blogging mojo and school was taking all my undivided attention. I have lots of ideas for blogposts but some of them will require quite a lot of effort and lately I’ve been feeling sluggish and lazy. It’s no excuse I know, I’m getting my mojo back, don’t you worry. 
As I ease myself back into blogging, I want to make sure I’m doing blogposts that I really want to do, even if they aren’t the most popular ones.
I hate to call it a rant because I want it to be more peaceful and laid back than that. This is just me sharing my opinion on a few topics, think of it as that. 
Three words, the education system. The education system BOILS my urine. We’re expected to go through years and years of compulsory eduction then we’re expected to willingly got to sixth form or college and then teachers and people around us expect us to go to university. It’s freaking exhausting. I haven’t even finished my compulsory eduction and I’m dreading my future, I’m scared. It’s drilled into us that if we fail one exam, we’ll fail our whole life. How are we suppose to be passionate about our education when teachers around us are saying they hate their work and they wish they weren’t at school?  
Nasty, petty and cruel people – don’t even get me started. Everybody is fighting they own battles so why make somebody else’s life deliberately harder? Why point out people’s flaws like acne, being overweight or being underweight. Personally I don’t think these things are flaws, but people speak about them in such a cruel way that they are portrayed as them. I will never ever mention names but their is a girl in my school who had something very bad happen to her and she told one person and it got spread around. Thinking about what happened to her makes me feel sick but people (especially boys) still feel it’s okay to surround her and ask her about it. Not in a caring, compassionate way but an “I already know what happened but I want to embarrass you and make you feel like shit” kind of way.  This makes me so unbelievably angry and just because somebody acts like it doesn’t bother them, I’m sure behind closed doors it really does.
I think I’m just going to stick to three topics to rant about because I don’t want to drown you in how I feel. The last topic is friends. Friends? Or people I spend 5 days a week with? They say you don’t come into your true self until you leave school, but what about the unhappy and fake you that you carry around school every day. I can literally watch people back stab each other within the space of five minutes. Girl especially. Girls comment lovely things on other girl’s instagrams then the next minute they slag them off saying how their hair looks rubbish or their thighs look fat. If I’m being hand on heart brownie promise honest, there is only one person I go to school with that I could see myself talking to when I leave school. These girls have 30 best friends, so clearly not real best friends. Lastly, WHY oh WHY do people feel the need to go out drinking every single weekend. You have the rest of your lives to do that, slow down. The same with sex, so many young girls I know are rushing into it and I just want to tell them to slow down, you have the rest of your life to do those things – enjoy your childhood because promise me it’s very nearly over. 

Sometimes I feel like I write my blogposts and nobody reads or enjoys them. Let me know what your favourite kind of blogposts I write are, it would be really helpful so I know what you really want to read instead of me rambling on about stuff you couldn’t give a toss about. 
Lastly let me know if you enjoyed this rant style blogpost? I really enjoyed writing it and I feel like I’ve let a lot of steam off, let me know what things annoy you and if you wanted we could discuss similar things that annoy us. 
I’ve been trying to finish this blogpost for ages, jeeeez, I’m such a rambler. But last of all I would just like to say how grateful I am to every single person that subscribes or reads my blogposts, you give me a warm fuzzy feeling inside. 
Much love, Ruby xoxo

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