15 Favourite Feelings; Happy Thoughts

I wasn’t going to do a blogpost this week as I’m very waylaid in revision for exams at the moment but then I thought I could just do a small, brief one. That’s better than nothing right?
Estee from the youtube channel Essie Button did a video on her 15 favourite feelings and I loved the idea so decided to do my own version of it.
I thought this quote was very relevant to this post as your favourite feelings make you happy. Remember, if you’re having a bad day, there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel.
1) The feeling when you’ve worked really hard for something and then all your hard work pays off. Basically the feeling when you’ve revised really hard for an exam and you walk out and think “I bloody well kicked that exam’s ass”. It may not happen often but when it does, it sure feels good. 
2) The feeling you get AFTER you’ve had a bath, exfoliated, shaved and moisturised etc and you sit in bed afterwards and feel amazing. That feeling. 
3) The feeling of pride when your dog chooses to lie on your knee or come see you over your other family members. I AM THE CHOSEN ONE. 
4) Really simple but the feeling of your bones absorbing the sun, especially on a hot and sunny foreign beach sipping on an ice cold fanta lemon.
5) The feeling when you haven’t seen somebody in a long time and when you see them again you realise why you loved them so much in the first place.
6) Flowers. Just flowers, don’t get me started. The feeling of receiving a bunch of flowers makes me the happiest girl alive.
7) The shopoholic in me called out for this one, the feeling of buying makeup and skincare. There’s something different about buying makeup and skincare compared to everything else. It just makes me super happy and excited. 
8) The feeling when you sit down after a really productive day and realise how productive your day has actually been.
9) The feeling after exercising in the morning, when you’ve showered and got all ready and feel like you’ve accomplished something before your days even begun.
10) When you make a new friend and you get along so well, when it feels like you’ve been friends for years not just weeks and you can be 100% yourself around them.
11) The feeling after a really good nights sleep. No more said.
12) When you’ve tidied, cleaned and made your room look pretty, there’s no feeling more satisfying.
13) The feeling when somebody takes time out of their day to compliment you, make you feel better or just simply have an in depth conversation with you.
14) The feeling after helping others or making somebodies day just that little bit brighter.
15) Lastly, and probably my favourite feeling of all, making people around me proud. For me this is my Mum, there’s no feeling more satisfying than making her proud. 
What are some of your favourite feelings?

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