Empty Products; To Repurchase or Not Repurchase

This is a bit of a different blogpost, these videos are all over youtube so I thought why not do one in written form. I just thought I’d show you what I finished recently and give my full opinion on them (cause I must know my very final and honest opinion by now).

I’ve never strayed away from vaseline as my lip balm brand but I’ve never seemed to actually finish a tin until now. They always seem to vanish or melt because I leave them in hot places. I mainly bought this because it was cute and I always buy the limited edition ones. Still don’t know if paying double the price for pretty branding is worth it mind. I’ve actually repurchased the pink bubbly before but I’m not going to repurchase the queen bee as it’s not my favourite scent and I’m currently using soul sunday’s lips balms as I find they keep my lips moisturised for much longer.

This nail polish is called rapid ruby by Rimmel, nobody understands how happy this makes me that a nail polish actually has my name on it. I was always one of those very disappointed kids who’s names were never on anything.. This nail polish got all gloopy and ran out basically, I was so sad as this is my favourite red nail polish. It dries so fast which is what I love about all of the nail polishes in the Rimmel 60 second range and two coats is enough because who can be frankly be bothered to do several coats? I also love the brush as it’s so easy to coat the nail with the recommended three stroke action and it doesn’t leave any streaky marks. As soon as I realised it needed to be chucked out I was like right I need to repurchase immediately. Then I thought about it logically and realised I only really wear it in winter so I decided that I’m going repurchase closer to the colder months but stick to my pretty pastels for summer. This looks so gorgeous on my nails with Kate Moss 01 on my lips as they’re the exact same shade of red.

When I reviewed this last year I was really confused to whether I liked the product or not and if I’m brutally honest I’m still not sure. I’m defiantly not going to repurchase this mattifying toner as it has quite a hefty price tag and it just doesn’t stand out to me as a must have product. After using it my skin could feel quite irritated as the mattifying factor was quite harsh. The lazy person within me is so happy that I’ve moved onto a spray toner as it saves the faff of cotton pads. I feel like this does what it says on the bottle but it just isn’t suited to my sensitive skin. It would probably be better for normal oily skin rather than sensitive oily skin. Another pro of this is defiantly that it lasts such a long time, I bought this last August and used it twice daily and it lasted till about a month ago. I think I might stick to different products in L’Occitane as the hand creams look amazing but this toner has put me off trying other skincare. I wrote a blogpost reviewing this product here, L’Occitane En Provence Ultra Mattifying Toner

This is my favourite ever skincare product, I had a backup of this sitting in my draw as I couldn’t bear to think of the time between buying another where I would have to use another cleanser. I wrote a whole blogpost recently on this so I’ll leave link below if you want to read a full in depth review of the;

Body butters are my guilty pleasure, especially from the body shop. The consistency, the smell and the moisturising makes me fall head over heels in love. This passion fruit body butter is so perfect for post shaving as it adds so much moisture to your skin and leaves it without that tacky feeling some thick body products leave. I will defiantly be repurchasing this product but I will have to wait till I’m near an outlet one day as you save so much money compared to buying at your local store. I talked about this product in much more detail in my body shop wash routine


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