April Favourites; Lazy Month

 If I’m honest I haven’t been very adventurous this month.. The majority of it I have been feeling too lazy and tired or too stressed about upcoming exams. I have stuck to the things that I know will work and are hassle free. I honestly don’t think I wore red lipstick or liquid liner once this month, I was doing so good as well. 

The Rimmel Matte 9 in 1 BB Cream was a last minute purchase before my holiday as I didn’t fancy wearing foundation on a night time as I wanted something lighter on my skin. This claims to be matte but I do think this lets a lot of your natural radiance shine through which I’ve actually been quite enjoying and I never thought I’d say that. This is so easy to use as you can just apply it with your fingers which is so much easier than the faff of brushes. It’s quite a good coverage for a BB cream and I love how you can build up the coverage in the areas you need it. I do seem to be going through it quite fast but that’s not too much of a problem as it is a Rimmel product which are very reasonable in price. This has definitely replaced my favourite Chanel foundation for the summer months as it’s so quick and the shade matches my tanned skin colour perfectly. It’s also perfect for the summer as it has an SPF 15 in which means you don’t have to apply thick and greasy suncream under your makeup.

The Soap and Glory great kisser was a stocking filler for me and it was just for Christmas so I don’t think it’s still available, don’t quote me on it though. I think the prospect of putting my finger in a VERY sticky lipgloss put me off. Don’t get me wrong I do love a sticky lipgloss but I much prefer a dofer applicator to apply them with. However I have been using this peachy lipgloss this month and it’s so gorgeous on the lips but do be warned that if it is windy outside you will have a nightmare on your hands. I find this looks gorgeous with the Maybelline Colour Tattoo in the shade On and On Bronze on my eyes.

Soul Sunday is such an amazing brand, you can probably already tell I’m a massive fan of their lip balms and this toner is no exception. The scent of this is vanilla rose and it’s so subtle so there’s no feeling that you’ve masked your face in a fragrance. This comes in a really handy sized bottle so that I can take it on a morning to the gym and its not like carrying full sized bottles in my bag. I am very lazy so I love using spray toners as cotton pads are just too much effort. The sensation of spraying toner on your face is so satisfying and I always look forward to using this after cleansing. I do think that it’s such a shame that this is an American company and it’s impossible to get over here as I think it would sell really well. Different products from Soul Sunday are definitely on my wish list as all the ones I’ve tried so far I’ve loved. I would really like to repurchase the multitask body oil as I tried the minature version and loved it, the natural deodorant and the florence coffee scrub.

I was on the hunt for an eye cream for a very long time as I think you really need a good one as the skin under your eyes is the thinest and most delicate skin on your whole body. I read a lot of reviews on a lot of products and eventually decided on the Origins GinZing eye cream. This is honestly amazing, I only use this in a morning as it has a brightening formula which I don’t feel I need on a night time. This reduces my bags, brightens my under eye and makes my makeup then apply beautifully on top. If I’m having a rough day I like to sometimes reapply this to give me that glow that I need to look healthy.

Another favourite this month has been a combination of the Benefit Rose Benetint and a Pur Minerals lipstick in the shade Golden Zincite. The benetint makes the lipstick more of a dark pink which I absolutely love and this looks amazing with brown nude eyes. I create this lip by applying the benetint all over my lips then letting it soak in before I generously apply my lipstick. My lips seem the worst for keeping lipstick in place but I find this combination actually lasts quite well. I think this is a beautiful lip for all year round and isn’t tied to summer or winter.


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