I was rather excited to make this post as it’s my first ever collab! I’m collabing with the gorgeous and lovely Gabi from her blog, GabbThomas. We have both chosen our favourite product from Mac, Rimmel London and Benefit. Trust me, it was very hard narrowing down my top three never mind one favourite.. After many swaps and feelings of betrayal to different products I chose a Mac eyeshadow in the shade coppering, Benefit roller lash mascara and a Kate Moss lipstick in the shade 01. 

First off can I just say how pigmented Mac eyeshadows are, you literally need one sweep of your brush and you’re good to go. This shade is such a wearable shade which you wouldn’t expect it to be as it’s not a neutral shade. This shade works so well with green eyes as it makes them stand out vividly. It’s very easy to blend and works well layered up with other products. My favourite way to wear this is all over the lid and blended into the crease then in the outer corner blended inwards the Bare Minerals high shine eyeshadow in the shade meteorite. 
I deliberated hard over which Rimmel product to choose as I have a soft spot for the wake me up concealer and a new found love for the 9 in 1 bb cream. Eventually I chose this as it is the only red lipstick I own and I love it so much that I’ve never felt the need to venture out and buy another one. Red lipstick is definitely out of my comfort zone but I find this so easy to wear. The formula is very moisturising which is strange for a red lipstick but I’m not complaining. I find dark reds suit my skin tone and this is very comfortable on the lips.

The roller lash mascara was hyped up over a very long period of time and I hate to admit that I was one of the people counting down the days. I though Benefit really had a gap in their mascaras for a lengthening but not volumising one. This fills the gap perfectly, it makes my lashes look super long without going clumpy. The hooking wand really captures your lashes coating them root to tip. I find this mascara very buildable so you can create subtle lashes and build up to more dramatic lashes. I definitely prefer this over the they’re real mascara as I found it make my lashes sag as it was very heavy and it was a killer to get off!

Swatches of the above items – left to right Mac coppering eyeshadow and Kate Moss lipstick 01

Aloha… Can you tell I’m feeling rather summer inspired by this blogpost? I was on holiday last week so that jet started my summer vibes. This is a collection of the nighttime outfits I wore whilst in Mexico which I thought I’d share with you to maybe give you inspiration to kickstart your summer wardrobe. Sorry if you notice a change in the photographs, my camera died and I forgot the charger so I had to put my SD card in somebody else’s camera! Everything I can find online that I was wearing will be linked up.
Flipflops were from Newlook

Black heeled sandals and clutch bag from newlook

Again, my topshop mom shorts

Blazer from newlook

Three quarter sleeved top and sandals from primark

Urban outfitters black bralette

Faux leather skirt from primark
Again, black heeled sandals from newlook
Kimono from apricot

Again, sandals from newlook

Topshop shorts

Again, top and sandals from primark

Miss selfridge shorts

What is your favourite outfit that I wore? And what’s your favourite shop to buy summer clothes in?

We’re now on chapter 4 of 12, this month has really flown by! This month I feel like I don’t have many favourites but what I do feel is that what I have selected I really truly have adored this month. I’ve discovered a LOT more products towards the end of the month but I didn’t think it was right to put them in as they weren’t prominent throughout. I have a feeling my April favourites will be very long…
So first of I picked my beauty favourites from last month;
Laura Mercier foundation primer; I never really jumped on the whole primer bandwagon but I got this as a free gift from subscribing to Vogue. It was left unused in my makeup draw for months until I finally decided to give it ago and every day since I’ve been wearing it without fail. It glides over the skin beautifully and I really do think it keeps my makeup on all day which I normally have trouble with as I have very oily skin. 
Rimmel wake me up concealer; I wrote about this in a previous blogpost and my opinion has not changed since on it, if anything I love it even more now. I use this in conjunction with another concealer, using this under the eyes and the mac pro long wear on blemishes and redness as I feel they work really well together. If I’m feeling really lazy I will just put this all over as its the perfect coverage for anywhere on the face and blends in so easily and effortlessly which I want on a “can’t be bothered for makeup day”. 
Urban decay naked palette; On days when I want to experiment with makeup or make more of an effort I like to use my naked palette. I think all of the colours work well together so whatever you want to try together you know they will compliment each other. This month I have particularly liked using the shade naked which is a nude brown all over the lid and up to the brow bone for an effective yet effortless look. I have also liked using the black shade called creep as a eyeliner as I find it easier to apply than a pencil but has a more dramatic and defined finish. 
On and on bronze maybelline colour tattoo; This has been my holy grail product of the month. I think I’ve been feeling quite lazy this month as everything I’ve been using has been easy and effortless… On to the point, I’ve also talked about this product in another blog post but it’s just so simple and looks like so much effort has been put in when really you’ve done absolutely nothing. You’ve glided your finger over your eyelid then voila. This product really has changed my life, I use it so frequently and I think it will be perfect for the hot summer as when they’re on, trust me, they’re not coming off. 
Rimmel Kate Moss Shade 1 Lipstick; This is my perfect red shade, I find dark reds really suit my skin tone compared to bright reds and corals. I think a red lip is a bold statement and I’m so proud of myself for stepping out my comfort zone as I’m not a lipstick person so daring to wear red lips this month was a challenge I set myself (and I wore it more than once)!!
Real techniques buffing brush; You can only buy this brush in a set called the core collection, even if you think you won’t use the other brushes I still think its worth getting it just for this brush! This brush is my all time favourite brush to use for buffing foundation into my skin. I use the pointed foundation brush which you get in this set to apply my foundation in strips then blend it in using this brush. I think it gives such a natural finish which looks like your skin but better as the coverage for blemishes and redness is still there, the brush doesn’t make the foundation disappear but means you don’t look cakey. 

These are my two skincare/bodycare products;
Liz Earle cleanse and polish; I wrote a whole blogpost on this so I’m not going to ramble on too much about it. Basically its kept my skin in good condition so preventing breakouts and just leaves it feeling so silky soft. I’ve also discovered that the 100ml pump lasts a lot longer than I thought it would which makes me very happy. This is a staple in my skincare routine and I think if I cleansed on an evening with anything else, my skin wouldn’t look and feel as good. 
Soul Sunday tin moisturiser; Basically this product was a present from somebody who lives in America and Soul Sunday products are practically impossible to get over here, trust me I tried. I think this was a one off thing for the person who gave me the present as she is friends with the owner of the company so I can’t find this on their website but I’ll just link up the website so you can browse the products that are for sale. Anyway.. onto the product itself, I use this after my normal moisturiser on my knees and elbows as its super moisturising but my Mum uses this as a foot cream so it shows how versatile it really is. I really like how this is in block form as it is super easy to apply and lasts such a long time.
This is my outfit favourite;
My go to outfit last month has been these topshop black wash mom jeans paired with this corn ribbed jumper from new look which they unfortunately seem to not be selling anymore but appear to have similar style products finished off with this topshop necklace which also seems to be discontinued 🙁 sad times. I’ve been wearing this so much this month as it’s so comfy but looks so stylish and I will continue wearing this outfit more frequently than I probably should.  
Lastly here are a couple of random favourites;
Youtuber Mollie Georgia; I’ve loved watching her videos lately as she’s such a naturally funny person and seems so lovely. I think her makeup always looks on point and she deserves some recollection for juggling life, school and youtube! Check her out and subscribe if you haven’t already!
Pretty Little Liars; You must have seen this coming, right? Most people are caught up in the Rosewood drama but (as usual), I’m behind on the bandwagon and only on season 2 episode 2 which may I say is quite an achievement in a couple of weeks. I think this show is so clever and truly enthrals you. I linked a wikipedia page about PLL if you want to read up on the plot to find out if it takes your fancy. 
Green tea; Last month I think I averaged on two cups of green tea a day, I absolutely love the stuff. A lot of people say they drink it for the health benefits but don’t like the flavour, I drink it because I love the stuff! I like to drink it first thing in the morning and last thing at night, I find its really calming which is obviously good for sleep but I feel it mentally prepares me for a calm and collective day. I linked up one of my favourite green teas but I really need to venture out as on the website I can see they have some amazing flavour combinations!