Liz Earle; Cleanse and Polish Review

When I purchased the Liz Earle cleanse and polish, there was a promotion on where if you bought the 100ml pump for £14, you got two muslin cloths and a Liz Earle eyebright soothing eye lotion included free of charge. It was a very clever marketing technique as a friend who I was shopping with and I both bought it! The first thing the women on the Liz Earle counter told me was that it has won numerous awards, I hear that a lot and didn’t think too highly of that achievement but after using the product I 100% understand why. The packaging of this product in my opinion is amazing, I love the pump and how one full pump is the perfect amount, for this reason I don’t like the idea of the 200ml tube as you would have a tendency to use more than you need. It would be perfect if they made a 200ml pump! This product has rosemary, chamomile, cocoa butter and eucalyptus essential oils and this smells to me like a spa, it smells unbelievably good, I think thats why it feels like a pleasure taking my makeup in the evening when it can often be a chore. Once you have a pump in your hand, you’re meant to massage it between your palms until its warm then massage it into your face. It’s like a cleansing butter almost but not as thick but feels so luxurious. This breaks down all your makeup (including eye makeup) and gives you really bad panda eyes but once you’ve washed your face in circular motions with a hot muslin cloth, it’s gone without a trace. I most likely wouldn’t have bought the muslin cloths if they hadn’t been in the offer but I genuinely don’t think the product can reach its full potential without using these. You get two muslin cloths in a pack and they say you can use one of them twice until you have to wash it so they would last you two days if you used them morning and night. I personally only use this product in the evening to take my makeup off as I like a lighter, more refreshing cleanser in the morning.

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