Beauty Outlet Purchases; Summer Anticipation

Summer is creeping up on us and with tanned skin and long hot days, I never want to wear much makeup but the makeup that I do wear I want to last the whole day. I went to a beauty outlet recently and picked up these gorgeous beauty products screaming out summer time.

This is a repurchase for me, if I repurchase something I know it must be good. The lumi magique is a concealer but is perfect for highlighting. I use it to highlight my cheekbones and I really notice a difference in the prominence of them if I have used it compared to when I haven’t. I use this after foundation and concealer but before powder and bronzer. I draw a line under my cheekbone from where my dimples are to the top of my cheekbone and blend it out like I would with concealer. I use the shade dark as I’ve never seen other shades available in the beauty outlet and I have fair skin but find the dark shade works well for me. In the beauty outlet, I think this was £3 off the rpp which is almost a third of the price!

Not long ago I picked up the popular on and on bronze colour tattoo and instantly fell in love with it. I not only loved the colour but the formula, it was so long lasting that I knew I needed to pick up another shade. Mauva crush is a beautiful sky blue with silver shimmer running through it. It applies beautiful and sweeps over the lid with no effort at all. Once blended out it looks like a lot of effort has been put into your eye makeup when in fact there was very little effort at all! This was half the price of the rrp which I thought was amazing considering it is exactly the same product as I would buy on the highstreet. I’m really loving the maybelline colour tattoos and I would definitely like to pick up a pink or purple shade for summer months. A makeup bag staple in my opinion, especially for travelling as they are so easy!
My go to bronzer is the classic sunkissed rimmel bronzer so when I saw this it was a no brainer purchase for me. I’ve never strayed away from my rimmel bronzer so was excited to try out something new! I thought this would be perfect with a tan on holiday for the evenings where you still don’t want to wear much makeup but would still like a touch of glamour. The gold shimmer would pick up a tan amazingly and could make simple makeup look a little bit more dressed up for the evening. This applies beautifully just like my other rimmel bronzer, the formula is perfect just leaving you looking sun kissed but not over done. I’ve never seen this before but maybe that is because when I’m at the rimmel stand, I’m never looking for bronzers but in the beauty outlet I think this had £2 off the rrp. 
These are swatches of all the above items – left to right – LOreal lumi magique concealer, Maybelline colour tattoos (mauve crush isn’t on boots or superdrug website so it might have been discontinued but here is the link to a online shop which seems to be the only one selling it), Rimmel sunshimmer bronzer (again this product isn’t on boots or superdrug website but I have linked to an online store which also seems to be one of the only ones selling it!)

Lastly I picked up two essie nail polishes, one is a chip free top coat and the other is a beautiful grey toned purple called warm and toasty turtleneck. I think the top coat gives a wonderful shine to your overall nail and is the perfect consistency of being runny but not watery. Thick top coats are harder to apply, they often smudge the wet nail polish underneath and you have the tendency to paint on a thick layer when you only need a really thin one. Warm and toasty turtle neck I thought would be perfect for the transition into spring as its light and floral but not a in your face bright colour like coral or yellow. You cannot buy this colour direct from essie but debenhams do sell warm and toasty turtleneck and essie do sell the topcoat at boots called no chips ahead.

Here’s a link to the full range of;
Maybelline colour tattoos
Essie nail polishes


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