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I’m a massive fan of the body shop, I love their products and I think their prices are fairly well priced. The formula of all the products I have tried from the body shop all have worked well with my skin leaving it feeling how it says on the bottle. The products I’m mentioning are from a massive range of scents so if you don’t like the sound of the ones I mention, there’s sure to be at least one scent you like! I really do recommend checking out the body shop as they sell some great products, I actually pick a lot of my products from the body shop up from an outlet as I can save up to 40% which really does make a difference if you’re buying a few products.

The first product I’m going to talk about is the first step in your shower routine; exfoliating. Exfoliating is an important step in your shower routine and it’s recommended to incorporate it into your routine 2-3 times a week. Exfoliating gets rid of dead skin cells and can clean out the pores, just make sure you don’t use it too abrasively as it could cause irritation to your skin. The product that I picked up from the body shop outlet recently was the brazil nut body exfoliator, I don’t think this product is available anymore as I tried to find a link to include and it’s not on the body shop website. This is most likely because it was from an outlet store and could have been an end of the line product. I will still talk about it because I’m sure the formula is the same for all the exfoliators and you never know, one day it might come back out! I sure do hope it does. This product is creamy but once you apply it to your wet skin, you feel like you’re really scrubbing away the badness away. I suffer with little red bumps on my arms and I feel that this product really helps with the problem, not inflating it. The best bit about this product definitely is the smell… It smells almost caramely like caramelised brazil nuts, it literally tastes good enough to eat.

Next is washing! Washing is important to prevent nasty smells from body odour and it also washes away any last traces of your exfoliator. I chose two body washes as they are both good for different things. First is the sweet lemon shower gel which is very refreshing which I find perfect for morning showers. The scent also lingers on me which I like as it gives me a kick start to my day. I also like to put this in my bath occasionally if I’m having a morning bath as the aroma really sets me up for the day and it creates amazing bubbles. Second is the coconut shower cream, I personally don’t like coconut scented things as I dislike coconut but this just smells rich and more of toasted almonds. Shower creams are good if you have particularly dry skin as they are very moisturising but light. I often use a shower cream in the morning after the gym as I can’t be bothered/don’t have time to moisturise and I will be moisturising after my evening shower anyway. I have never tried them in a bath but I imagine they would make it really creamy and afterwards your skin would feel silky soft. These products both come in various scents and I will definitely be picking up some more soon. Especially some fruity scents for the summer months as they will be so refreshing after a day in the sun.

The final step in your shower routine should be moisturising. You should moisturise every day to keep your skin from drying out and I find on a busy day, moisturising is just a little slot of me time. I chose two different kinds of moisturisers, a body lotion and a body butter. Body butters are thick and creamy and the passion fruit body butter from the body shop is so rich that your skin feels super soft. I’ve never used a body butter that leaves my skin feeling more nourished. I really like the packaging of all the body shop products but especially the body butter tubs, they are matte and I love the almost paint splat look of the product that it is scented with on the lid. Body lotions are still very hydrating to the skin but they are of a much runnier consistency and doesn’t leave your skin feeling as pampered as when you use a body butter but are good for everyday use. The sweet lemon whip body lotion is a perfect match for the sweet lemon body gel as the fresh lemon scents really stay on your skin for a long time. A little really does go a long way with the body lotion so I feel like it will last a long time compared to the body butter which takes a lot to moisturise your whole body so won’t last as long. This is why I use the lemon body lotion as an everyday item compared to the passion fruit body butter which is a indulgent product which I most often use after a bath. You could also use a body lotion and body butter in conjunction by using the body lotion all over the body then the body butter on elbows, knees and any other dry patches you have. Overall I would say the body shop do very good products in all different scents for all different skin types.

Only three of the products are listed on the body shop website so I will leave links to them and links to the categories of the products that aren’t listed, sorry!

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