Sickness Day; How to Feel Better and Get Better

Currently this is my fourth day of being sick and I have a feeling it will run into the weekend. I’m lying on my sofa, sneezing every ten minutes and forcing two tablets down me four times a day. Ah how having tonsillitis sucks. I’ve had tonsillitis a fair few times but this time is definitely the worse and as your immune system is already low it makes getting common colds 100x easier. In this blog post I want to write about ways you can make yourself feel better and potentially aid yourself in getting better, these ways definitely help me so I hope they can help you as we all know this time of year is the worst for getting ill.

The first thing I would recommend doing would be airing off your bed. Just folding your duvet back and opening your window will make your bed feel fresh when you go back into it in the evening. Often when you’re ill you can get clammy in the night and airing off your bed will just mean when you go to bed later on it won’t feel sweaty. It also helps to a certain degree to get rid of the bacteria off your bed as you will be ridden with that while you’re ill. Once you feel reasonably well again it is such a good idea to wash all of your bedding, it kills the bacteria in a guaranteed way and will make you feel so much better not lying in a dirty bed.

When you’re ill it just makes you feel pretty down. To lift your mood reading or watching something whether that be on the tv or on a laptop can make you feel just that little bit better. My personal choice for today is Matilda and My Mad Fat Diary, I always find having a second choice very helpful as I can get bored ten minutes in when I’m ill and having another option means that I can just switch over and enjoy something else. Matilda is a book by Roahl Dahl that was made into a movie and honestly, it is one of my favourite movies. It’s about a young girl who is raised in a family where she is different to all of them, they all love TV and she would rather be engrossed in a book. Her Dad is a conman selling faulty cars for unfair prices, her mum is always at the bingo and her brother Michael will take over his Dad’s business one day. They act like she doesn’t exist and she turns into a very self sufficient young girl. She longs to go to school and one day her Dad enrols her into Crunchem Hall with the scary head teacher Agatha Trunchbull. The film has humour, climax points and lovely characters like Miss Honey! I would definitely recommend watching it. My Mad Fat Diary is again a book first that was then made into a tv series, there is 3 series which follows the life of Rae Earl. The first episode shows Rae leaving the mental hospital she has been resident at. The tv series shows struggles like missing aspects of the mental hospital like friends and the protection from the real world, her self confidence and hating the way she looks, struggles with family and friends (especially her Mum and her illegal immigrant boyfriend) and of course… boys! I honestly love this tv series and have watched it all the way through twice, a must see if you’re into reality kind of shows.

Linking in with feeling down and sad when you’re ill I chose to include my book that I read when I don’t feel great. It’s called “Whatever you are, Be a good one” and can I just say how much I love this title/saying. It’s by a very talented woman called Lisa Congdon and it’s a book filled with hand lettered quotes and that’s all I can really say but they’re so beautiful and inspirational and make happiness fill my mind.

This might seem like I’m stating the obvious but so many people slack off when they’re feeling ill, I’ve done it too! Always have tissues by you if you have a runny nose, sniffling it back down will honestly make you so much worse and it will lie on your chest until you cough it up, ew nasty I know. Lastly, always dispose of tissues as soon as you’ve used them as they are carrying all your germs and you can’t get better with your germs hovering around you and it could also infect other people. Cough sweets are actually very effective and my favourite are soothers blackcurrent ones, I ran out unfortunately. When you’re constantly blowing your nose and they just generally dry out when you’re ill, your lips can get rather sore. Applying lip balm regular can prevent the extra pain of chapped lips, I use soul sunday, positive seeds lip balm which is like a giant fat chapstick in the flavour rose vanilla, its 100% natural and is so good with only 5 ingredients and none of the nasty additives you commonly find in big brands lip balms. It really nourishes your lips leaving them feeling super creamy.

Eating well and nourishing your
body when you’re ill is so important. I drink smoothies on a daily basis but when I’m unwell I really can’t be bothered to get my blender out and make one. I find the naked smoothies to be a great pre made alternative when I want a fresh smoothie to start my day off with but without all the nasty additives often found in store bought smoothies. There are three smoothies in the range and I chose the green one which has yummy ingredients in like apple, pineapple and kiwi. It’s also packed with antioxidants and super good nutrients to aid your recovery. Alongside my super smoothie I decided to have mango and passion fruit natural yogurt with chopped up banana sprinkled with granola. I love the mixture of textures with creaminess, softness and crunchiness.

If you have any illness its very important to keep your body hydrated as being dehydrated will make you feel even worse leading to headaches and feeling sick. If you have a sore throat or in my case, tonsillitis, its so important to keep your throat lubricated as if you don’t your throat will feel dry causing coughing to get worse. If you get sick of drinking water you could just add some squash to it to give it some flavour. You could make tea, green tea would be good for detoxing your body and if you’re having trouble sleeping it would help you to drift off. Lemsip, in my opinion is vile, but it is a real saviour for sore throats. Just make sure when you take it you don’t have it too often as it contains paracetamol and you can only have paracetamol at certain time lapses.

Finally… curl up on your sofa or in your bed and relax. Relaxing will enable your body to recover and being ill exhausts you. If you have a pet, give them lots of big cuddles as I know my puppy (well she’s five but she’s still my puppy) makes me feel so much better and cuddling her keeps me warm and happy. Turn on your tv or laptop or open your book or put your headphones in. Take this opportunity, despite how ill you’re feeling, to completely relax as I’m sure you don’t get many opportunities to laze around. A person preference of mine is to watch youtube videos, a couple of my favourite youtubers at the moment are lily pebbles, vivianna does makeup and the saccone jolys.

When you feel well enough often having a bath is nice and relaxing but if you’re feeling light headed or sick I don’t recommend having one. If you’re reading this while being ill I sincerely hope you feel better soon and I promise you it you will get better so try and battle through!



  1. January 23, 2015 / 7:26 pm

    I love this post! It's so helpful! and your dog is super cute too!x

  2. January 23, 2015 / 7:31 pm

    Thank you so much for reading my blog post! So glad you liked it!! She's like a little lamb, she's just a giant ball of fluff, hehe 🙂 x

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